3 Hobbies You Might Not Have Tried, But Really Should

February 28, 2018

Enjoying life is more of an art and not a science. You’ll know when you’re in that zone. Usually, it’s because you have your affairs well and truly organized, and you have a good amount of time each day to celebrate that fact. Learning new things and having new experiences is one of the most rewarding things anyone can do, and you are no exception to this fact. For this reason, it pays to try things you might not have beforehand on a regular basis.

This opens you up to adventure and gives you something to remember. It also helps improve your competency in going outside your comfort zone, something critical to the personal development of any man. That’s right, play is productive, and can make for better people.

These three hobbies could provide you with a wealth of new fun and vitality with your closest friends, and give you either a hilarious few days of fun, or a regular hobby to enjoy the smallest intricacies of. Without further ado:



Bowhunting and archery are two things that might seem outdated to practice. Surely the days of defending your castle in a support line are long past? Well, of course. However, it would be wrong to consider this beautiful art and sport to be lost to the annals of time. Archery and bowhunting communities thrive throughout the US and Canada,a nd it’s worth finding them if you have any interest whatsoever.

To shoot a bow well, either at a target or in a pre-approved population maintenance hunting program can feel like playing an instrument. The miniscule movements you make in order to develop your composure, your accuracy finding a target, and the confidence in releasing the string must all be taken into account. It’s almost as if you’re fencing, as you must conform the tool to your posture and being in a manner similar to a static dance. Without all the pretentious description to sell you, archery is a downright hilarious and fun hobby to partake in with your friends, and can encourage a healthy amount of competition between groups. A great way to spend a dozen hours each week.


Drones are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. Not only do they allow you to return to your childhood throwing paper airplanes (but in a much more sustainable, fun, professional and adult manner,) but you can use them for a whole host of competitive reasons. There are many communities built around drone flight, camera tricks using installations such as GoPros, and racing events to test your acrobatic mettle in these environments.

There are many forms of drone for your perusal also. This is not a toy market, although you might initially consider it to be. No, drones are professional pieces of kit, well engineered and can be a hobbyist’s dream. What’s more is that you can even build your own, providing your are outfitted with the right parts. Constructing a quadcopter is a rewarding hobby, as is tinkering with weight distribution and custom fitting your drones for a purposeful use. This hobby is excellent because it doesn’t harm anyone, has easy accessibility but also plenty of depth to master depending on your use, and never gets old thanks to the limitless potential of use. Certainly a great hobby to enjoy both solo and with a group of friends.


Now, not everyone is interested in video games, and quite rightly. Some can be a waste of your time, and are useless exercises in escapism. However, many are excellent and well crafted, providing wonderful stories and worlds to explore. Not top of this, many other possibilities exist. For example, take the recent trend of ‘streaming’ video games.

Through services such as Twitch, Mixer or YouTube Gaming, your competent PC or console can upload a live stream of your gameplay, and you can quite easily add a camera, multiple affects, alerts for donations and followers to your channel, as well as the open potential to form a community around your content.


This is a great way to monetize a hobby that you might love, and meet people that genuinely share your interests from all over the world. After all, Twitch is an online hobby that could connect almost anyone with the capacity and interest to delve into it. Borders mean nothing and you’ll likely make friends from across the world. This is a wonderful thing to begin to enjoy, and who knows, you may even become popular and make plenty of money as a full-time job this way.

With these hobbies, you can be sure that life will take on a richness that it might be missing right now, or enhance a life well lived.




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