5 Ideas For A Lad’s Day Out That Everyone Can Enjoy

October 2, 2017

Nothing is better than kicking back with your buddies and releasing any stresses from your week. Life can be hectic at times, and when you finally get the chance to arrange a lad’s day out, you should consider doing something a little out of the ordinary so that you can cherish those memories in the future. This article is going to give you five ideas for lad’s days out that everyone can enjoy.



A game that everyone can get on board with is bowling. It’s a game that brings out everyone’s competitive side and is tons of fun. Why not arrange for you and your mates to go bowling next time you’re arranging to meet? Bowling lanes often have a bar situated in them too, so it’d be rude not to enjoy a few beers while you’re at it right?


Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping quite like paintballing does. You could either play as a team or against each other, and spend the afternoon dashing in and out of hiding spaces, and celebrating when you manage to hit someone with a paintball. Remember to follow the dos & don’ts of paintball. Check out where your nearest paintballing grounds are and take the lads there the next time you’re all together!


If there’s one thing that many men have in common, it’s our love for sports. Even if we’re not avid watchers of a game or particular team, you give us a ball or a frisbee and you can expect some sort of game to begin.

Why not grab a few cold beers, find a large empty field and take the lads out for a day in the sunshine to kick a ball about, or throw a frisbee at one and other. Once you’ve done that you can sit back and enjoy some beers while catching up.


Zorbing is where you get yourself into a large inflatable ‘hamster ball’ and roll down a hill at high speeds. It’s a fantastic way of challenging your mates, while having a ball of a time (pun intended). Many people choose to race the zorb to the bottom of the hill when one of their friends are in it to see who can get there first.


Okay, so this one isn’t really a day that you can spend ‘out’ together, but it’s perfect for those of us that are a little strapped for cash. Invite the boys over for a day of gaming, pizza and laughter. Nothing brings people together like fighting against each other on the latest release of COD, or showing off your team on Fifa17. You could even buy a new game for you all to have a go at.


There we have it, five brilliant ideas for a lad’s day that everyone can get on board with. Whatever you decide to do, remember to make it special and love every moment.



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