5 Reasons You Need To Visit The Dominican Republic

June 6, 2017

If you’re thinking of visiting a place that’s family-friendly, has a lot of activities to immerse yourself in, can provide you with a host of beautiful scenery as well as luxurious white, sandy beaches and has a wealth of history to boot, you don’t need to look much further than the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean island is a hub of friendly culture and offers the perfect getaway.


The Accommodation Is Out Of This World…

There’s nothing quite as outstanding as Dominican Republic villas to use as your source of accommodation when you arrive on the island. While you may think hiring out a whole house is expensive rather than booking a room in a hotel, you need to consider what comes with the package that you’re booking. If you are travelling with more than just your immediate family, so with other family members and friends as well, it could work out cheaper overall for you to pitch in and share a villa.

The Food And Drink Is Amazing

The influence on the cuisine in the Dominican Republic isn’t as Spanish as you might assume, given the hispanic background of the country. In fact, it steers more towards the traditional Caribbean foods that you will find dotted elsewhere on other countries within the archipelago. Plantain and rice are staples, and a focus on hearty, soul-filling foods is something that you’ll find in abundance. The drinks offer flavours that complement each other, such as the famous Morir Soñando which combines orange and milk. If you’re looking for something a bit stronger than that, you’ll need to take a step towards the ever-popular rum and try a shot of Mamajuana.

It’s Full Of History

The Dominican Republic was the first place that housed the Spanish settlers who were moving over to the Americas. Santo Domingo is not only the largest city in the Caribbean, but it has the biggest recorded history of over 500 years. Zona Colonial offers beautiful architecture for you to see as well as being a place to gain a little more knowledge on how the country came to be.

It’s More Than Just Sandy Beaches

But the beaches are fine too and should totally be taken advantage of if that’s your thing. If you want to use your day to get a bit more involved in activities that are being offered, you could look at white water rafting, kayaking, whale watching and even abseiling. There is so much to do that’s on offer to you that there’s simply not enough time to be bored. You can fill every minute of your day during your stay there.

The Parties Are Incredible

This is the home of nightlife. Beach bars and restaurants come to life as soon as it starts to turn dark, and there are a whole host of shows and clubs to choose from to dance the rest of your night away. Visiting several or more places in one night isn’t unheard of as you keep the party moving.





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