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A Men’s Guide To Keeping Hair Healthy

April 18, 2017

Thinning hair and premature baldness can often be genetic, but for some people this deterioration may be the result of years of abusing one’s hair. Changing your grooming methods could keep your hair healthier for longer. Here are just a few ways to improve your haircare regime.


Fix your bad drying habits

Most of us have picked up bad drying habits. The healthiest way to dry one’s hair is to let it naturally dry itself, but few of us have the time in our lives to let this happen. Many people will reach for the hairdryer. Whilst this is the most instant and effective methods, using a hairdryer daily can start to dry out your hair permanently and cause to it to get thinner. Other people will use a towel. However, rubbing vigorously with a towel can be just as damaging to our hair – it’s actually much healthier to dab.

Counter chlorine before swimming

Chlorine swimming pools play havoc with hair. The chlorine chemically bonds with proteins which causes the cuticle – the hair’s protective outer layer – to lift, leading hair beneath to become brittle and dull. One method to prevent chlorine from doing damage is to wash your hair with clean water before you go in the pool. For double the protection, shower before and after your swim.

Use products correctly

Many of us like to style our hair with products. There are some great quality hair products out there that can revitalise and strengthen your hair on top of making it look cooler. However, few of us really know how to get the best out of these products. Using too much gel or mousse is a common mistake that not only makes your hair look greasier, it can actually damage your hair. Start being more frugal when styling your hair. The type of product you use should also relate to the thickness of your mane. Those wanting to combat thinning hair are much better using matte products such as paste or clay.

Try DIY methods

There are lots of DIY products that you can use to further protect your hair. Some are stranger than others – for example, washing your hair in eggs once a month, ridiculous as it sounds, can help to boost protein growth leading to fuller hair.

Another kitchen cupboard method is washing up liquid and vinegar. Once a month, add a splash of washing up liquid to your scalp. Rinse through with vinegar and hot water and you will restore PH balance to your hair. This is useful for restoring shine to dry and withered hair.

Some people will even go so far as to swap out chemical shampoo for their own DIY concoctions. There are lots of home-made shampoo recipes on the web for those that want to give an organic haircare lifestyle a go.  




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