Are Electric Cars Really The Future?

March 28, 2018

The electric car is a marvel which has taken the world by storm in the last decade. As we know, for many years our world has struggled against rising carbon dioxide levels and it has been damaging the ozone layer more and more. The idea of replacing conventional fuel with electricity has been one which has been on the cards for a long while, and has finally come to fruition. But how much of a benefit is an electric car? Today we are talking about the pros and cons of this vehicle.



One of the main selling points of an electric car is that the engine is almost completely silent due to it running on a battery rather than fuel. The drive is very smooth as you cruise along the road, and the cars can reach speeds much quicker than their fuel counterparts.

Home Recharging

The beauty of having an electric car is that you can avoid those emergency trips to the local gas station first thing in the morning. Because an electric car only requires, well, electricity: it can be charged in your own home. You will need to install a charging point suitable for the vehicle, but this will reduce the stress of having to leave Home and get stuck in a queue.


If you are unconvinced with the last two points, then the cost of running this vehicle should be a great persuader for you. Electricity is much more readily available than fuel, and because of this it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much to run. It is also much cheaper to insure an electric car due to the low impact on the environment. You can visit for cheap car insurance and see for yourself how it can compare to a fuel equivalent.  



Limited Distance

The main problem with an electric car is that a battery does not last as long as a tank which is full of fuel. This means that instead of your car being able to drive for 400 miles before needing to be refilled, and electric car will need to be charged after around 100 miles. This makes this type of car not suitable for those who travel or want to go in a road trip. It is however still useful for everyday use.


It Takes Time To Charge

Another issue with electric cars is that they take a long time to charge up before you can drive them. You could have to wait for a few hours just to gain 100 miles of driving time. However if you charge the car overnight this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.

Lack of Choice

Unlike normal cars, there are only around 50 models or electric car in existence to choose form. This means you have a very limited selection to choose from and it might be hard to find a model you really love.


In conclusion, as with any new invention it will take a lot of time to completely perfect the electric car and bring it into the forefront of the public eye; but when they do finally make these changes, electric cars will certainly be a vehicle we want in our future.



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