Are You The Kind Of Man You Want To Be?

March 29, 2017

We all get it at some point our life. We take a hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves if life is really going as planned. We ask if we’re the man we hoped we would be, the man we still aspire to be. It’s always a work-in-progress, and the definitions of it are always changing. But it’s an important question to ask and working on the answer is just as important. How do you go about it?


Are you where you want to be?

We are products of our environment or so psychologists would have us believe. There’s no doubt that the place you’re in and the people you choose to be around are big factors on how you are. You’ve surely noticed that you behave differently around different people. If you spot behaviors with people that you’re not comfortable with and changes you would rather not go through, it’s worth considering whether you should spend as much time around those people. Loyalty is important, but if someone in your life is a toxic presence, you need to prioritize yourself first and foremost. The same goes for the place you’re in. A new location and new friends can be a great catalyst for changing yourself.

Do you have the confidence you want?

We’re not making any assumptions about what kind of behavior does or doesn’t make it a real man. That just turns into a stereotype-fest that rarely gets down to the real matter at hand. If there’s something we can all agree a man should have, it’s confidence in himself. Confidence in his body, confidence in how he manages relationships in his life, and confidence to do what he needs to. Looks, fitness, sex, it all matters to confidence. Taking advice from sites like isn’t about fitting a stereotypical mold of a man. It’s about working on yourself, on your body, your relationships, and your mind to get the confidence you need to get the best out of life.

Is your job right for you?

A man isn’t just what he thinks he is, but he is also what he does. You can’t be the man you want to be so long as you’re stuck in a job you hate. Our expectations of our careers are always pretty far from the real thing. We can spend the first years of our lives gearing ourselves up for a career that doesn’t fulfill us in the end. Instead, you need to look at what truly motivates and challenges you. Sites like offer great advice on figuring out which career you should really be in. In particular, it can help you boil down what kind of man you are in terms of career. It’s not just about what you want, but about finding where you excel.

Just because you’re actively becoming aware of the changes you want to make in your life, it doesn’t mean that you have to be down on yourself or what you’re doing. Spotting faults can be a great incentive for change, but don’t let them dominate your mind and fill it with self-loathing. Do something about it.




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