Awesome Accessories: Planning Your Spring/ Summer Wardrobe For 2018

January 17, 2018

In the midst of a cold, gloomy January- the spring and summer can seem like a long way off. However time has a habit of slipping away on us, and before we know it the flowers will be bursting back into bloom, the leaves on the trees will be back and it will be bright and sunny again. The warmer weather means more chances to get outside, socialise and for most of us it means we want to look our best. We no longer need to hide away in bulky layers, and can style ourselves to show the results of our new year’s health resolutions! If you want to get ready for the seasons ahead, here are a few good investments to make.



Practical and stylish, everyone should own a good pair of shades. The thing with sunglasses is it’s important to get them right, they need to be the right width for your face and the lenses need to be a shape that works with your face shape and structure. If you find a designer you like, for example Garrett Leight, have a look through the different frames, sizes and styles on offer before making your decision. If you already wear optical glasses you will have a good idea about what kind of things suit your face, if not you could always try a few pairs on next time you’re out shopping.


Again hats are stylish as well as being practical by keeping the sun out of your eyes. If you’re more of a casual guy, a baseball cap will do the trick. You could experiment with fedoras, tilleys and straw hats for a slightly smarter look. They bring another dimension to your outfit, can showcase your style and will prevent you from getting a sunburned head on very hot days! A couple of different varieties for different purposes and outfits should cover all bases this summer.


Maybe you’re going for a day out with the family, or perhaps you’re raving it up at a music festival. You might be going on holiday or on a mini break and need somewhere to pack your clothes. All of these things require bags, and if you have a lot of plans where you’re out of the house this spring and summer, chances are you will need one or two for different things. A rucksack is an easy, casual option, it’s simple to wear and is a good choice for men who feel a little uncomfortable with other styles of bags. Crossbody messenger style bags are another option, you can find them in manly designs and they’re useful for keeping your possessions close to you. If you’re going to another country or to a place where you might get pickpocketed for example this is a good choice, it’s zipped or buttoned shut and no one can steal it off your shoulder. More stylish than a bum bag! Work out what your plans are going to involve, and what kind of bag you will need to keep your possessions safe.




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