Burj Al Arab 7* Experience

April 6, 2016

The Burj Al Arab with its striking sail-shaped design is one of Dubai’s most iconic buildings. Boasting seven stars, this hotel epitomises the luxury and glamour that Dubai is today famous for. During my recent Easter trip to Dubai, a friend strongly recommended a visit the hotel’s Skyview Bar located on the hotel’s 27th floor.

You can’t visit the bar without a reservation and the waiting list can be quite long. Thankfully we managed to secure a reservation for 21:00 on our last night in Dubai.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I was struck by the modern grandeur of the lobby. Fresh flowers everywhere, rippling fountains, lots of gold colours and even a walled aquarium tank with beautiful fish and other sea creatures. The first floor has many designer boutiques and luxury jewellery shops. One of the prominent features in the first floor lobby is an enchanting glass fountain in a kaleidoscope of colours. Looking up, you will be mesmerized by the atrium’s impressive architecture. I recommend that you arrive well before your appointed time for the Skyview Bar so that you can wander around the lobby and take a few pictures.

After waiting several minutes, we were guided into the elevator that takes you to the 27th floor. There we were personally escorted and seated in the bar (while other guests with no reservations were asked to patiently wait to see if there would be space for them).Compared to the grandeur and opulence of the rest of the hotel, the Skyview Bar in my mind seemed a little dated: 1980s-disco-chic with green and blue as the main colours. We managed to get a good table by the window – although it was already dark and we could not see much or appreciate the sea view from that side.

The Skyview Bar is one of the most exclusive and chic cocktail bars in Dubai with an assortment of signature drinks. And so the fun started trying out all the recommendations.

My first drink was the bar’s signature cocktail ‘Levanter’. The menu describes it as the ‘Icon of The Burj Al Arab’, where liquid magic becomes real. My second drink was ‘Leap Year’, a lively and refreshing cocktail with a distinct fruity edge. My final drink was ‘Camel Colada’, a Dubai take on the Caribbean namesake but using camel milk. It is presented on a bed of grass with smoke rising from dry ice below. It was very cool and surreal. I loved the presentation. The cocktails price list starts at £35 each and up.

Overall I had a great experience at the Skyview Bar at the Burj Al Arab. Go there to enjoy the cocktails rather than the ambience. As I mentioned, the bar seemed a little dated and in need of a refurbishment – and despite the exclusivity and dress code, some guests were wearing trainers (perhaps they are more lenient on weekday evenings). Nonetheless, it is definitely a ‘must do’ experience during your trip to Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach

View from Jumeirah Beach

Skyview Bar


At the First floor lobby, Glass Fountain


At the Burj Al Arab Lobby


At the first floor lobby

Fancy replicating this Dubai experience at home? Try making the following cocktails:

Levanter Icon of Burj Al Arab, where  liquid magic becomes real. Tanqueray 1o gin, butter scotch liqueur, cacao white liqueur, lemon salt, vanilla syrup, blue curacao syrup, orange and pineapple juice.

Leap Year A lively and refreshing cocktail with a distinct fruity edge. Russian platinum vodka infused with blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, red wine, coconut syrup, blackberries and lime juice.

Camel Colada  A cocktail not just to dream about but to savour until the last sip. Bacardi white rum, coconut liqueur, camel milk, pineapple juice, coconut syrup, almond syrup, date and honey syrup.




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