Burlingham London

August 4, 2016

I have a weakness for watches. They are more than just a fashion accessory; from classic to trendy, they can define who you are, your style and your values.

This is especially so with Burlingham London, a new designer watch brand that is launching its first collection this month. This is not your everyday designer watch. Their time-pieces are designed in partnership with Anglo-Swiss industry experts and aim to put a modern twist on British heritage. Think iconic influences like classic tweed fabrics, historical gold sovereigns, Oxford-Cambridge boat races, and so much more.

Since this is such a fantastic brand, I was absolutely delighted to receive one of their time-pieces, the Confluence 00 from their Capsule Collection.

The design and colours are striking. The dial is inspired by the intertwining pattern of tweed fabric, while the numbers are classically British. True to its name, it replaces the expected ’12’ with ‘00’ as a quintessentially British twist. Its green strap and second hand, which is a lighter shade of green, are a subtle reminder that this watch is also has a eco twist. Burlingham London have partnered with “Cool Earth” – an inspiring charity that works alongside indigenous villages to keep the rainforests intact. You can feel good and confident that this is a responsible purchase. By buying and wearing this watch, you have made a small contribution to help saving the rain forests and empowering local communities and lives.

All of their watches feature bespoke designs. The two-part case is a unique element, adding to the design complexity and delivering a flawless aesthetic. The Confluence range incorporates a double-coated anti-reflective sapphire glass on every piece – ensuring that you never experience a scratched watch face again! With precision engineering, the piece is powered by an incredibly reliable Japenese Miyota movement at the heart of the watch.

They aim to make the highest quality time pieces at an affordable price. Get yourself £40 off using my personalised discount code ‘DANIEL1’ at check out. Eaning any watch for only £99. Don’t miss out! 

Shop the Burlingham London Capsule Collection clicking the images below.

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