Denmark’s Hidden Gems

November 1, 2017

When it comes to having a vacation that’s a little different to your usual haunts, why not try out the northern hemisphere? Northern Europe has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history, and it feels like you’re enriching your life just stepping off of the plane. It also doesn’t have to be as expensive as the US or Australia, and thus it’s a good idea all round to get you into the travelling lifestyle. Here’s a few reasons why Denmark is such a strong idea for your next trip away.


The Pastries on Offer

Some of your favourite doughs were engineered in Denmark, so the country is worth a visit on that basis alone! From jams to breads to puddings, there’s plenty on the table to keep everyone satisfied. Beautifully flaky, waking up to breakfast will never be easier to do.

Whilst we know and hear a lot about Danish pastry, it actually originated in Vienna, and thus in Denmark that’s what you need to look for; remember they don’t call their own breads ‘danishes’!

The Amount of Architecture

It was the Dane Jørn Utzon who even designed one of Australia’s most famous buildings: the Sydney Opera House, so we can immediately tell there’s something special about the architecture in the Northern country. There was also a huge drive in the 1990s to build more sustainable housing in the Neo-Modernist style, meaning there’s plenty of contemporary buildings to marvel at as well.

The architecture in Denmark comes in wide variety of models and structures, so there’s something for everyone to look at. There’s a long history behind the more cultural pieces, and the modern stuff is some of the sturdiest and energy saving in the world.

There’s a Whole World of Waterlife

The official website of denmark describes the country as, ‘A land enriched by water,’ and the care taken when it comes to the water life and clean supplies really shows this. They have the most cutting edge technology in renewable waste, and that means the local flora and fauna don’t suffer because of it. Walking along the river banks will never feel so light and airy as they do here!

The amount of water increases the chance of getting a bite on the end of your line; fishing is such a popular hobby because of its evasiveness, so up your chances here. If you’re looking for a new hobby, you can obtain a Danish fishing licence, as the coastline is incredibly long and the trout are delicious. It may take a little bit of money to be able to use any lakes or streams you like, but it’s worth it to put the cash down.


Denmark is a great place to holiday and an even greater place to settle down. There’s plenty of open land and hillsides, so your fitness regime will be easier to complete, and getting around town won’t require a car. Take a vacation here and set yourself a good travel standard.




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