Five Fun Boy’s Weekends Which Won’t Get Messy

April 5, 2017

A boy’s weekend has a bad reputation. People generally assume they include salacious activities, copious amounts of alcohol, and things they probably wouldn’t want to tell their mums about. It gives stag parties a bad name, but they don’t all have to be that way. There are plenty of ideas for things to get up to on a stag do which you won’t have to hide from your future wife, it just takes a bit of imagination.

Get active

For fun activities that everyone can get involved with, err towards the active end of the spectrum, but try to avoid anything dangerous. This is especially important for a stag weekend – the groom is going to have an awful beach honeymoon if he’s stuck with a cast on his leg! Go-karting, such as at Lakeside Karting, jet skis on the coast, paintballing, or golfing are all great ideas. Everyone can get involved, they’re not excessively expensive, and it’s unlikely anyone will break a limb.

Go camping

I don’t mean go set up a tent near Blackpool and hit the town – it’s time to experience the wild. Take tents, pans, and not a lot else. Look for wood and create your own fire for cooking, and enjoy the experience of being outdoors. It’s a great time for drinking and having a laugh, but it doesn’t have to get rowdy.

Take a tour

Many people want to involve some element of drinking in their boy’s weekend, but they don’t necessarily want a messy night out on the town. Why not check out which breweries or distilleries in your area offer a tour and a tasting session? You’ll be supporting local business, try some top quality produce, and learn a bit more about the art of brewing or distilling too.

Attend a show

Whether it’s a gig for a band you love, a sporting event, horseracing, or a wrestling or boxing match, a show can be a great centrepiece for a boy’s weekend, which doesn’t have to be alcohol related. It gives you time to bond, chant and cheer, and have a drink, but it doesn’t have the same end goal of getting ridiculously messy like many boy’s weekends can.

Always include a food option

Whether it’s a barbecue in a backyard, a campfire dinner, or a meal at a lovely restaurant, there should always be food plans. Weekends tend to get messy when people forget to eat, so make sure there are always options on the cards.

Keep the cost in mind

Finally, try to consider the budget for the weekend. While the organisers might be rolling in it, some friends and relatives might feel unable to join in if it’s going to end up too costly. If you’re a best man arranging a stag do, and you want to keep the event a surprise from the groom, be sure to confirm everyone else is happy with the plans before you go ahead with them. That way you can guarantee everyone is content with the budget and the activities, and nothing awkward needs to arise on the day.




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