Five Tips That Will Help You Develop Your Own Unique Style

May 9, 2017

Developing your unique fashion sense is something that a lot of men feel very uncertain about. Old-fashioned notions of what masculinity should be still permeate our brains, so that when we look at various items in clothes stores we can’t decide whether we like it or whether society tells us that we should like it. But never fear: here are some fashion tips that will help you banish all your clothing related uncertainties and develop your own original style.


Invest In Key Pieces

First of all, it’s time to invest in a few key pieces that will elevate pretty much any outfit. Basics are something that you should spend a little more money on – items like jackets and jeans are the kind of thing that you’ll end up keeping for a long time so it makes sense that you’ll invest a little more time and money when it comes to picking them out.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Colours

A lot of men are very much afraid to add colour to their closet, which is a shame because colours and patterns can add a lot of personality to what you’re wearing. Consider how exactly you want to present yourself to society – if it’s as an interesting and creative person, then adding brighter colours to your wardrobe is definitely a smart thing to do. If you’re feeling brave, you could go for this season’s key shade, which is blush pink – but if you’re not quite there yet, what about sky blue or even yellow? Bright colours will help you look good this summer.

Don’t Focus On Fashion

Don’t concentrate too hard on what’s ‘cool’. The most important thing to do is focus on fit instead – if a certain length of pant leg doesn’t suit you but everyone else is wearing it, you shouldn’t follow suit. Instead, find something that looks good on you and that you feel comfortable in. If you look at absolutely anyone who looks good in what they wear, you’ll find that the people who look best are the ones who go for classic designs that fit them perfectly. A lot of men wear clothes that are a size too big – don’t be afraid to go for slim fitting jeans and shirts.

Consider Your Shoes

Your shoes are often what might make or break an outfit, but they also depend hugely on the sort of person that you are. If you still enjoy going to raves then you could go for some LED shoes – sure, they’re a little wild but let’s face it: we all wanted some when we were kids, and now we’re adults it’s time to do exactly what we want. Every man needs a good pair of boots, whether they’re DMs or suede ankle boots, and this summer you should steer clear of toe-baring sandals. Go for deck shoes instead.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable

Finally, nothing will look good unless you feel happy and comfortable in it, so make sure that’s what you focus on when you’re picking out new clothes. Comfort and ease of wear is key to everything you put on your body.




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