Four Sporting Events to Get Yourself down under For

October 5, 2017

Australia is a country that is absolutely obsessed with sport. Aussies love their cricket (above all else), they love their tennis, they love their ‘footy’ (rugby union and AFL), they love their marathons and they love their motor car racing. Truly, if you are a sporting fanatic as well as a budding nomad, then travelling Down Under to indulge in a few of, if not all of the sporting events Australia has to offer during its hot summer months is something that you should be doing. Once you decide that that is what you want to do, make sure to check out the four must-see sporting events that Australia has to offer.


Cricket: The Boxing Day Test at Melbourne’s MCG

If getting away for Christmas is the Christmas present you want most, then ask Santa to book you a flight that takes you to Australia. And when you’re there, ask him to book you tickets for the annual cricket test match that takes place between Australia and an opposing national team that begins on Boxing Day each year. And, if you decide to do this this year, you’ll be in luck because the match that is taking place is actually going to be a part of the all-important Ashes Series that takes place between the old rivals: Australia and England.

But if going to a big test match is not something that you wish to do, but you still wish to see or even play some cricket, then fear not because there are a host of beach cricket events held all over Australia during their summer months that last from December right the way through to March.

‘Footy’: Rugby Union and Australian Football League matches

No, ‘footy’ does not mean soccer in Australia; it means the real man’s sports of rugby and AFL. These sports are a huge part of Australian sporting culture, and the country’s culture as a whole. So, if you’re the type of traveller who wishes to immerse yourself in each strand of the culture of each country that you visit, then when visiting Australia you simply have to go and watch either a game of rugby or a game of AFL. When you do so, you’ll realise just how laid back and welcoming the fans who attend these matches are when compared to the fans of other sports.

Tennis: The Australian Open

For lovers of tennis and general lovers of sport alike, buying Australian Open tickets and going to watch a tennis match take place at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne is something that you must do in your lifetime. You must do this because this is one of tennis’s all-important Grand Slam tournaments. Therefore, by going to watch a match you get to see a slice of tennis history. What’s more, you’ll more than likely get to see some of greatest tennis players to ever grace the sport and the world of sport in general, such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.
Motor Racing: The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

If you want to see out the very last dregs of the Australian summer, and see a massive sporting event as you do so, then booking tickets to go and witness the annual Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix at the end of March is something that you should be thinking about doing. By doing so you can witness the very best motor car racers in the world today, such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Australia’s own Daniel Ricciardo.


If you’re an adventurer who is looking for your next travel challenge, why not make that challenge seeing all the sporting events Australia has to offer during its summer months?




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