Get Inspired By A Trip To Japan!

February 13, 2017

Choosing a holiday destination around your passions is a brilliant way of making sure you get maximum satisfaction, every moment of your trip.  If you are a lover of romance and the arts then France will be a big draw.  For an adrenalin fuelled winter vacation you will probably head to Austria and get some Apres Ski fun.  If, however, you want to experience a country which surrounds you with modern twists and quirky perks within its music, fashion and food then Japan is the ultimate destination for you.

Most trips to Japan will see you making a pit stop at Dubai, which is great if you fancy a little opulence.  When you arrive in Japan you will note how extremely clean, ordered and efficient the country is, which seems quite a long way from the way they express themselves through art, food and fashion.  Whilst you will see workers heading into the Tokyo offices at precisely the right time, in a orderly and calm way you will note that their daily tailored outfits are mixed up with eccentric twists. Say Kon’nichiwa to Sartorial Finesse by checking out brands like Beams Plus.  This range has a real edge which fits this nation and there are so many other incredible designers based here in Japan.  From Bape, which can be seen on Pharrell and Kanye West to COMME des GARÇONS which is a more elegant style out of designer Rei Kawakubo, who started the label back in the 1970’s.   

Pop Culture is huge so the entertainment in the capital city is both exciting and pretty novel.  There are loads of great unsigned bands lurking throughout the main cities and the roof top bars dotted around Tokyo’s incredible skyline deliver excellent surroundings to get your heart beating.  

One of the best ways to see the country is by taking a Japan tour.  Whilst the Japanese are extremely welcoming and very happy people, it isn’t very culturally diverse so navigating around without a guide can be very hard, however once you have a few insider secrets you will be able to get yourself under the skin of this little gem of Asia.  

For real inspiration head to the old capital of Kyoto.  Home of the buddhist temples, this city lost its crown to the modern Tokyo, however it certainly hasn’t lost its heart.   Tradition is the order of the day, from the ancient architecture to the street decorations and the delicious, traditional Japanese street food.  You will be drawn in by vibrant colour and a happy welcoming culture.

Japan is a fashion super power.  It is a pop super power.  It is a technological super power.  You will find it entrancing and inviting and enjoy that it hasn’t been spoiled by an over entertaining of tourism.  You will return home with a new found peace and some amazing stories to tell, plus until the rest of the world uncovers the secrets of this sartorial mega power, you can be sure to turn a few heads when you bust out your new summer style pieces!





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