Going for The Rugged Look

February 13, 2017

Adopting a rugged style is good in any season, but it looks even better in winter, when the elements combine to harden your face and bring out the ruggedness of your look. Alas – or perhaps, thankfully – it’s not so easy to acquire the rugged look naturally in this day and age, when every whim is catered for at the push of a button or out in our mollycoddled society. So you have to create the look yourself, but be fairly warned – it’s not enough to just dress the part. If you’re taking on the rugged style, then you better be prepared to back it up with some attitude. Nothing will ruin your look like being stripped off your rugged attitude!

Dress to Impress No One

First thing’s first: you’re dressing like this for you, not for anybody else. That’s what ruggedness is all about. As such, there’s a touch of the disaffected that you need to incorporate into your look. You’re primarily dressing to beat mother nature at her own game, so thick layers and socks that feel right at home in the great outdoors are your beginning steps towards a rugged style. Keep your facial hair at whatever length you want – but keep the facial hair, it’s an integral part of keeping warm in the wild: check out Manly Matters to find a trimmer that’s right for you. Above all else, it is your shoes and jacket that will determine how rugged you are. Leather boots are a must, and a jacket that’s both style and warm will give you the desire look.

The Style

In all honesty, ruggedness is less about the clothes you’re wearing and more about how you wear them. Once you’ve the basics in your wardrobe, don’t spend hours getting ready or doing your hair before you go out. Throw it all together and get out there. You’re trying to mimic the natural air of a wolf, and what does a wolf do? It exists as a wolf. If you’re considering making this style purely for the looks of others, then you’re in the wrong game. Also, back up your style by wearing it in places that are suitable for the clothing. A ritzy, 5 star restaurant isn’t the right place to show the world how down to earth you are.

Actually Get Outdoors

Of course, the best way to look like you’re a rugged outdoorsman is…to actually get outdoors. If you were to spend, say, 6 months living on a remote island, you will naturally acquire the level of rugged manliness that you desire, and you’ll also come back with a host of new skills. However, most people don’t have four months to spend out in nature – in that case, being the natural world in some way part of your daily routine will give an air of authenticity to your style. Wherever you live, there’s most likely an outdoorsy community not too far away from you. Beside from getting to know the outdoors, these areas will also be the best places to shop.





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