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Groom Your Way Into The Colder Weather: Men’s Autumn Essentials

September 4, 2017

Sadly, summer seems to be coming to a swift end, and soon the weather will become cooler. If you’re not about to jet off to a warmer climate; you’re going to have to brace yourself for Autumn and Winter. Your daily grooming routine may need a few changes to ensure that you remain stylish and looking your best no matter how cold you might feel. It’s worth investing in a few bits and pieces and thinking about how the chillier months will affect your skin care and grooming now so that you’re all set for more rain, ice, and even snow. The following are some ideas for guys who want to ensure they have all they need for a stylish and put-together change in season.


Your Skin

You’ve probably been focusing on protecting your skin from sun damage for the past few months regarding your skincare and any moisturisers you’ve been using. However, it’s time to switch up your skincare as cold weather can do just as much damage to your face. A decent men’s face moisturiser is a great way to start the journey into Autumn. Central heating, cold winds, and pollution will all take their toll on your face, so you need a barrier for your skin and something that’s going to hydrate it. You could even look into a night cream; this will nourish and regenerate your skin as you sleep, and your face will thank you for it in the morning. Try to choose a cream with added SPF; the weather might feel cold, but the sun can still penetrate those clouds and hit your face each day, so bear that in mind when you’re shopping for moisturisers.

Your Hair

Autumn is a great time to think about growing your facial hair and embracing a new style; beards can keep your face warm in the wind and will give your look a whole new approach. If you do decide to grow out your summer stubble; it’s worth looking into the best beard brush on the market, and what beard oils will keep your pride and joy groomed and smart. Just like your skin; your hair can dry out and become brittle during the cold weather, so perhaps it’s time to add a conditioner to your shower, to ensure you’re still looking suave every day. There’s no better time to visit the barbers and treat yourself to a trim, or perhaps a fresh style for the new season, so you’ll be striding into Autumn with confidence.

Your Scent

Summer aftershaves and scents tend to be a little lighter and reflect the sunshine and warm weather. Autumn and winter are a time to embrace aftershaves with deeper notes, that warms you as you breathe them in. Next time you’re near the fragrance counter; head towards scents of cedarwood and oud, try them out with a sample size and see if you like how they smell on your skin after a while before you make any purchases. A new men’s, or unisex fragrance is another way to give yourself a boost for the new season, and you’ll be excited to find out what it holds.




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