Hipster Fashion Trends That Aren’t Awful

July 5, 2017

Hipsters are often mocked for their rather eccentric fashion sense, and to the average man on the street, some of their wardrobe choices might seem a bit out there, but a lot of hipster men actually have great style, and there are at least a few fashion trends that you should consider stealing from the hipster down the street.

Here are a few hipster fashion trends that really aren’t awful:


Lumberjack Shirts

Lumberjack shirts were originally a utility item worn for work, comfort and convenience. They briefly became popular in the 90s when grunge aesthetics dominated fashion thanks to the like of Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder, and now they are big news with hipsters across the land. This is good news for the average guy because lumberjack shirts are comfortable and they do look good, providing you find one that’s a good fit, and because they’re loved so much by hipsters, they tend to be looked at as fashionable, rather than dowdy or too casual.

Sleeve Garters

If you’re sniggering at the very thought of having garters for your sleeves, bear with me. I know it might seem like a very hipster idea, but if you wear shirts with the sleeves rolled up when the weather is warm, then they’ll make your life a whole lot easier by keeping your sleeves in place and because, at Trendhim, they come in a wide range of colours and styles, they’ll add some interest to your outfit. Try them; I guarantee you’ll be sold on their benefits.

Straight Leg Jeans

Hipsters are perhaps better known for their love of ultra-skinny jeans, but lots of hipster guys actually prefer straight leg jeans and with good reason. Straight leg jeans look a bit more formal than baggier styles, and they allow you to show off your butt and legs that you’ve spent so much time lifting to improve, while still being really comfy.


Ray-Bans might be the hipster eye-protection of choice, but you shouldn’t hold that against them because their aviator glass, in particular, suit pretty much everyone and instantly improve your cool factor, especially when teamed with a slick suit or conversely your most casual outfit.

Vintage Sneakers

Hipsters might spend a lot of time talking about the latest vintage sneakers they’ve acquired as some sort of badge of honor, which might be over-egging things a bit, but a good pair of vintage sneakers will make your casual outfits look a bit more interesting, and lots of older, limited edition sneakers are a lot more attractive than modern shoes, which don’t have quite as much personality.

Band/Movie Shirts

For hipsters, band and movie shirts are used as a calling card to let others with similar interests know they’re cool and to maybe encourage them to start a conversation. You might not be interested in that, but wearing a band/movie t-shirt is a great way to casually style jeans, especially if you choose shirts with interesting graphics or logos, and in any case, people were wearing band shirts long before hipsters became a big thing!


Which hipster fashion trends have you embraced?




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