How To Dress To Impress For A Big Job Interview

September 27, 2017

Fashion is relevant in all walks of life. The clothes you wear can have a real bearing on how people perceive you, and it can create an aura around you. Job interviews are the perfect example of where fashion makes a huge difference. From the moment you set foot in the door, you need to make a good impression. The best way to get your interview off to a good start is to dress well.


Bearing that in mind, this article will show you some of the key things to consider when going for a smart, professional, and confident look.


If you’re dressing for a big job interview, then you need to wear a suit. Suits convey a sense of confidence and make you feel powerful. Wearing one immediately lifts your mood and gets you in that professional mindset.

Three things to consider here are size, colour, and quality. Make sure you get fitted for a suit and don’t guess your size. You want it to fit well as it will enhance the look and make you seem more confident.

Colour is important as you don’t want to make too much of a statement here. Don’t turn up in a bright white suit, keep it simple, navy/black/grey are the most professional colours you can choose.

Naturally, the quality of a suit says a lot about a person. There are loads of online retailers that sell suits, but I suggest you buy yours from a company that specialises in them. Places like T.M.Lewin sell good quality suits, and clearance items are available too for those looking to spend a little less. Get all three of these things right, and your suit will look perfect and create the desired smart and professional effect. You’ll look like you mean business.


Your tie is a very important part of your outfit as it brings the suit together and makes it look even more professional.

Here, you want to avoid a couple of things. Mainly, don’t wear a gimmicky or comical tie, keep it smart and simple. You can maybe afford the subtlest of patterns, but I’d rather you stick to just one plain and simple colour.

Secondly, I’d avoid skinny ties as they look a bit cheap and kiddy. You start to look like someone attending their school dance rather than a man that means business and wants to nail an interview.


Finally, we have your shoes, and I guess you can include socks here too. Smart shoes are obviously the way forward here, and you want them to match your outfit. I find that brown shoes go well with navy and grey suits, while black suits are best suited to black shoes.

Give your shoes a real polish before you attend the interview as they need to shine. Clean shoes are a clear sign of a man that takes pride in their appearance and isn’t here to just make up the numbers.

As for your socks, make sure the colour matches your suit, and don’t wear ridiculously patterned ones. White socks are an absolute no.

With all this advice you can easily dress smart and feel more confident in your appearance. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll feel like the man! Now, go to that interview and make a killer first impression thanks to your amazing fashion choices.




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