Italian Job: 8 Things Everyone Should Do While Traveling Italy

June 25, 2017

Italy is one of those few places in the world that has it all in terms of beauty. It has gorgeous reminders of Ancient Rome still standing tall and proud, it has rolling hills that stretch as far as the eyes can see, mountains worth hiding away in all winter and beaches with some of the clearest crystal waters you’ll ever see. But like staring at a delicious menu in a fancy restaurant, a choice can sometimes be too overwhelming.

That is why we have come up with a list of things you must-do when you’re in Italy.


Learn Italian In An Evening

What better way is there to get to know somewhere than to learn the language, which you with an evening course from With this skill, exploring the backstreets of Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milan will be so much more amazing, and the people you meet too.  

Vaporetto In Venice

The gondolas of Venice are gorgeous, but they are also pricey and cliched, which is why we recommend you use the Vaporetto instead. These are big bus boats that ride the canal and when hopped on at night, they’re as romantic as any gondola.

Soak Up The Uffizi Gallery

Florence is a must-see city and the Uffizi Gallery takes the top spot of things to do here. The reason being, you can travel the world for three lifetimes, but you will not find a collection of Italian Renaissance Art quite as spectacular as this anywhere else.

Tear Through Tuscany

It is tempting to stop at each of the little towns that speck the hills of Tuscany, but we recommend you don’t for the simple fact the views from these spectacular roads are phenomenal. Instead, hire a classic convertible from, dress like you’re from the 1950s and just drive with a smile.

Ruins Of Sicily

It makes sense for you to think of all the Roman ruins that pepper Italy, but in Sicily, you can get the ultimate history trip. How? Well, here you can see both Roman and Greek ruins. What’s more, the Greek stuff easily out dates the Romans, as your tour guide through the Valley Of The Temples will no doubt tell you.




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