Lad Inspired Holiday Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

April 13, 2017

A fun weekend out with your mates is something that we all long for after a hard week at work. The physical stress, emotional labour and other problems that pop up during our 9 to 5 are enough to make us stressed out to the point we just want to forget and move on. A great way to reset your brain and prepare for the upcoming week is to go on a soothing and fun-filled lad inspired holiday with your friends. Round up your mates, get a notepad out to jot down availability, and let’s start planning a getaway that will knock their socks off.


Who doesn’t love a bit of sports?

No matter if your preferred sport is football, golf or even tennis, there are companies all over the world like BAC sport travel & tours that will help you get your sporting fix. They provide luxury holiday packages for everything from golfing tours around the UK to football matches all the way in Spain. These are complete packages with entertainment, tickets to the game and even accommodation, making it an easy one-stop solution for all your holiday needs. And best of all? It’s great value for what you’re getting due to the bundle discounts.

Let’s get adventurous

Something that few people do nowadays is to go out camping. Even if you don’t live near a forest or a camping spot that is suitable, it doesn’t take much effort to go backpacking across the countryside for a weekend or even drive up to a popular camping destination. There are a surprising amount of physical activities to indulge in if you’re an active group of friends. It costs almost no money to get a few sleeping bags and tents, and all of the entertainment you’ll get will be based on nature. Go on a hike, go fishing, explore the wilderness, or just relax in the peace and serenity of the wild.

Road trip to… somewhere?

If you have someone in your group that loves to drive, then why not head on a road trip to a destination in Europe? It’s cheap because you only have to pay for petrol, you’ll get cheap food and drink as you travel across the countries, and you’ll get to see amazing sights all around as you drive across cities and landscapes. It’s even better if you have multiple friends that can drive so you can share the work. Just swap drivers whenever the tank is empty and make sure you’re not drinking and driving. It’s best to get a larger car or even a bus for these trips so that you have space to sleep in.

Weekend break to another city

A holiday doesn’t need to be some far-off destination. A holiday can simply be somewhere close to home like another city. For instance, if you live in London then why not travel up to Newcastle or Manchester, or vice versa. If you live a bit far away from any major city, then why not book a hotel room and party the night away in a popular location within the city? It’s cheap, you don’t have to worry about driving home a long distance, and you’ll meet plenty of new people.




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