Lap Your Life in Luxury — No Matter What Anybody Says

May 2, 2017

Giving your wardrobe a luxurious makeover is never a bad thing, no matter what people may say. There’s nothing with treating yourself to the finer things in life. There’s nothing wrong with spending your money the way you want, even when there are ‘more worthwhile’ things to spend it on. If adorning yourself in the nicest, most high-end styles is what you want to do, then you do it!


What makes high-end fashion worth the cost? It’s probably because of the fact that, generally, this type of fashion stands the test of time. When you buy vintage Rolex watches, for instance, you know you are wrapping your wrist in a timepiece that will not, in the foreseeable future, be anywhere but at the helm of fashion. So, once you buy an accessory like a Rolex you know you’ve got a style for life — and this should be the basis of your argument. Why waste money buying items that are ‘in’ today and ‘out’ tomorrow? Why waste your time trying to decipher what is in fact ‘in’ at the time of purchase? To forgo wasting any of your efforts you should forgo buying an item of clothing or accessory that hasn’t got a proven record of never going out of style. And when anybody has anything to say about your new Rolex, you give them this explanation!


Not that you particularly need to argue your case, but if they need a little more convincing you can speak about how a good dress sense can do wonders for a man’s confidence. Dressing luxuriously isn’t necessarily about ‘looking rich’, but the two styles are universally tied together. And the ‘rich’ mentality is one that is induced when one dresses luxuriously. Parts of it, like the confidence it induces, is a good thing if focussed properly and not too extensively. By this it is meant that confidence is good, but over-confidence is most certainly not. If dressing luxuriously gives you confidence, and not over-confidence, to face your daily life, then is there any more explanation needed as to why you dress that way?


One more explanation that you can give as to why you dress that way is because everybody dresses the same, and you want to break the mould. You don’t particularly want to have your finger on the pulse of the latest ‘in’ fashions because everybody else’s fingers are there. You don’t want to step out of your home looking like your neighbour. You don’t want to feel like you did at school when you and everybody else were forced to dress the same. There’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd. A lot of people preach this, but only a few practice it. And you can be one of the few that does indeed practice it.


Despite how many explanations you may make. Despite the number of times you tell others why you dress the way you do. Make sure to never let your style be impacted by the opinions of others. Don’t let the naysayers stop you from living a life of luxury. As mentioned, it’s your money — you spend it how you like!




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