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Let It Grow: Managing Your Facial Hair

September 27, 2017

Long gone are the days where the clean-shaven look reigned supreme. Nowadays more and more men are opting to grow out their facial hair into all sorts of shapes and styles to great acclaim. There are even beard competitions out there to celebrate all things facial hair. So, if you’re considering joining the ranks of bearded men, here are a few ideas to get you started on the right foot.


The 3 Day Stubble Look

If you’re looking to replicate the look of three days’ worth of stubble, you don’t necessarily have to shave every three days and wait for the results. This look can easily be achieved every day. This look is a closely trimmed beard that shows your ability to grow thick facial hair without allowing it to catch crumbs and overheat your face. It’s a scruffy look, perfect for the casual and happy go lucky kind of guy. It also adds an air of rugged masculinity. This is one of the most simple looks to achiever. If you’re growing into it, it’ll come naturally. If you’re trimming down into it, use a beard trimmer with a short comb attachment. If your beard is relatively long, you might want to trim down in stages to avoid clogging of the device. Then shape your beard’s outline by removing the comb attachment.

The Lumberjack

The lumberjack is a traditional, full beard. This look will require patience, especially if your facial hair is slow growing. Allow your beard to grow. As it begins to reach a substantial length, it’s time to start shaping it. Trim the hair around your cheekbones for a clean, straight look. Use different trimmer guards to graduate the length of the beard, from shortest at the cheekbones to the longest at the bottom. Invest in Beard Care products to maintain the look of your achievement. Remember that the longer your facial hair the more cleaning and conditioning it will need. Consider specialist beard washes, balms, and oils.

The Chevron Moustache

A chevron moustache is a thick tash that covers the entire upper lip. Now, moustaches aren’t necessarily the most commonly seen or popular option, but on the right person, they can really make a good look. Consider your overall aesthetic. If you’re slick and clean city banker, the chevron moustache may look a little dated on you, bringing throwbacks of the 70s. However, if you’re more of a quirky indie type or have a distinctly Parisian sense of fashion and composure, this style can really compliment your look, making you stand out from the crowd. This style is easily achievable. All you will need is a facial hair trimmer and a razor. Select a fixed length comb for trimming, then trim down all of your facial hair. This will give your length consistency. Then select a shorter comb and shape your moustache, trimming down your beard hair as you go and keeping an eye out for symmetry. Prep your face with warm water and shaving foam, then shave your beard, as usual, leaving all of the hair on your top lip untouched. Et voila! You will be left with the perfect chevron moustache.


These facial hair styles will look smart and once you get into the swing of things, you’ll find that maintaining the shape and condition of the facial hair will become increasingly simple.




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