Let Yourself Go and Enjoy Life With Friends

February 24, 2017

Think back to the very first friend you made. Was it someone at school, nursery, something similar? Or perhaps you didn’t truly have a friend until you grew old enough to have gone through some hard times with people that went the extra mile with you, or maybe you consider your cousins as your first friend. Whatever it is, by the time you’re progressing through your late 20s you probably have a group of friends that you’ve been with for a long time—at least, that’s usually the goal.

Let’s face it, among all the responsibilities we have we simply can’t make the time to have loads of friends. Sure you might have hundreds of Facebook contacts and you might have several groups of friends you hang out with, but can you really make time to spend with all of them without sacrificing time spent with others? We’ve all had that friend who got a girlfriend early during school and refused to come out with his mates because he was spending time with her. That’s the kind of feeling that most of us are getting nowadays, the feeling that we have to narrow down who we spend our time with and keep our friends close.


Enjoying simple pleasures

There are so many activities for you and your friends to get involved with that you might forget about some of the simple pleasures in life. Hanging out with each other, going to a bar or a pub and having a drink or even just playing some video games together is time well spent with friends. You could kick it up a notch and go skydiving or Lakeside Karting, but whatever the activity is, you’re bound to have a good time.

Spending time with friends is simple but fulfils us more than anything else in life. Even if you have a partner and a family to take care of, nothing lifts your spirits like an evening with your old friends watching a film or a sports game. Make time for those get-togethers and keep in touch with your friends through Facebook or other social media platforms, enjoy life and don’t neglect the simple things in life.


Making time for yourself

Adult responsibilities suck. Even though we have to take care of our families, our jobs or even just ourselves, that doesn’t mean you should condemn yourself to a life of responsibility and forget what it’s like to have fun. This is why you should always make time for yourself. Take a moment to relax in between work periods, make sure you use your holidays that your workplace gives you, and don’t forget to procrastinate now and then.

People say that procrastinating is unproductive, but in the long run, it’s helpful because you can release some energy, think about something more positive or interesting to you and then clear your mind before you get back to work. You could take a small break from work to speak to your friends through WhatsApp, browse social media and share something funny with them, or start making plans to go on holiday together for a weekend break.





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