Look Was Yesterday, Now It’s All About Active Millennial Style

September 6, 2017

In the business world, they are changing the old structures and mindsets to embrace new strategies. In their social life, they defy expectations and create a gender-fluid world that values people over careers and social classes. In fashion, they are changing things too. Who are these mysterious guys? They are the Millennials, the generations born between 1980 and 2000 – although demographic experts disagree on the exact dates. Millennials are creating for themselves a simplistic, practical and healthy lifestyle that supports their everyday work and the way they interact with others, within the office or outside. In fact, the active Millennial style is coming into the street nowadays and taking over entire business sectors, from communication to design. So if you want to get ready and perfect your back-to-work style after the summer holiday, then here’s what’s hot in the streets for active Millennials guys. Think practical, think simple, think minimalist.


Who’s the active Millennial?

First things first, the active Millennials are a very specific kind of audience. Contrary to the hipster style, the active Millennial tend to work in an office and with teams. He’s a team-player, he’s not an independent entrepreneur. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t successful in life! His priorities, however, are built around his fast-paced urban life. As a result, a clear and clean lifestyle is at the centre of the Millennial’s flat. For the interior design freaks, it’s called minimalism. To be fair, you can’t live in the City – or any city for that matter –  if you’re a messy tenant or homeowner. As homes are smaller, the Millennials have gotten used to keep a clean space and focus on improving their style of life instead of accumulating more stuff in their life.

Working on the move

The active Millennial relies on tech in his everyday life, especially in his professional career. From remote working options when he needs it – for appointments with clients or to stay at home while the boiler is being repaired – to working on the go, the keyword here is digital functions. Using an iPad or a small MacBook is part of the modern business life for the active Millennial, and that’s exactly why he needs an elegant and craft quality bag to carry his work tool. Harber London is a brand you can trust with quality leather goods that are as practical as they are pleasing. Simple designs for maximal protection, that’s exactly what you want when you’re constantly on the go to meet clients. Smart laptop bags are a must have in your business gear!

Minimal weight, maximal use

Practical bags come in many sizes, and there’s no reason to limit yourself to a laptop bag only. For your everyday needs, you need something small and functional to keep your money; a leather money clip wallet is a great option to keep everything you need with minimal space usage in your pocket. The fashion of oversized pockets and wallets bigger than your own head is long gone and belongs only to 90s revivals. With the growing digital payment functionality – from smartphone to contactless payments – there’s less need for keeping coins and a vast amount of cash in your pockets. Streamlining your wallet is, for the Millennial, a way of staying true to the minimalist lifestyle.

Simple but collaborative design

The Millennials are changing the way businesses work. The office structure has changed as a result to reflect the Millennials’ take on their professional life. For a start, the apparition of more and more offices to share is an indication of the collaborative and networking spirit that drives the Millennials: co-working space allows professionals to work side-by-side even without belonging to the same business. More importantly, it’s a simple and effective office design: A strong digital presence and a shared office address. So they have pushed the boundaries of the formal workplace to open it up and create eco-friendly places: Potted plants, digital tools and collaborative work design. There’s no room for hierarchical ego in the Millennials business.

Active style for fitness

Millennials are the generation who’s the most concerned about their health. Fitness regime is not just a fancy word for them. But more importantly, Millennials shop quality activewear from high-end brands. Being fit is a matter for the wealthy Millennials. Consequently, the choice of activewear is strictly activity-orientated and rarely makes it on the streets as an everyday fashion accessory. While in comparison to other generations, the active Millennials shop less activewear, they spend more per item. It’s a matter of quality over quantity. In fitness like in interior design, less is always more.

So is it time for you to abandon the checked shirt and the beard of the hipster style and embrace the active Millennial’s lifestyle? This style is best suited for people who work in a busy environment in towns. And it’s the perfect mixture of class, practicality and elegance.




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