Man Made Heaven: 5 Steps To The Perfect Man Cave

April 21, 2017

A man’s home is his castle, and every man deserves a room to call his own. Whether you’re a young bachelor or a married man with kids doesn’t matter. Creating a man cave that you can be proud of should be top of the home upgrade agenda.

Transforming an unused guest room or garage into a man cave needn’t be as tough as you might first fear. Use these five simple steps as a guideline, and you cannot go far wrong.


Step 1: Clearing The Area

Before focusing on new additions, it’s imperative that you create a winning canvas for the project ahead. There’s a good chance that you’ve let your designated space become a glorified storage space, so decluttering is the first major step to success. Besides, you might be able to sell some unwanted items to gain funds for the future jobs. Meanwhile, it’s imperative to ensure that electricity, water, and other key features are working safely and as expected.

Step 2: Using The Space Effectively

When it comes to designing the room, avoiding the threat of being cramped is crucial. Given that the space is likely to be quite limited, you should look at simple ideas like mounting the TV to the wall. Meanwhile, opting for light colour schemes can make the space look bigger and brighter. Couple this with strategically placed mirrors and even a small man cave will seem deceptively large. Let’s face it; this will immediately make the opportunities feel greater too.

Step 3: Embracing Your Passions

Most man caves will look to boast several key elements. However, one of the most important things is that you provide the space with a sense of personality and character too. Celebrating the things you love in life will immediately enhance your relationship with the room. From boxing memorabilia to holiday photos, those small gestures can provide smiles and comfort when you need it most. Frankly, this should be a priority for all.

Step 4: Adding Social Vibes

On the one hand, your man cave is the perfect venue for personal relaxation. On the other hand, it can also become the ideal place for hosting friends and family in a social and entertaining manner. If this is going to be the new place for watching sports, investing in a beer fridge is well advised. Meanwhile, competitive games like darts and table football offer cheap thrills that can last for hours. Given that the room transformation is designed to enhance your entire life, this has to be a step in the right direction.

Step 5: Encouraging Easier Maintenance

Making more time for yourself is a vital factor in the bid for a happier lifestyle. Therefore, it’s imperative that your new man cave can be kept in great health without the need for major maintenance. With this in mind, opting for flooring rather than carpet might be a good option. Moreover, avoiding small items that will attract dust will save you time in the long run too. Ultimately, aim to keep things simple, and you’ll be able to enjoy the space with far greater authority.




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