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Mastering The Modern Man Look Made Easy

March 31, 2017

As a modern man, looking your best is a continued responsibility. Whether it’s for work, leisure or dating doesn’t matter. Looking great inevitably makes you feel great, which can work wonders for your confidence and the way others respond to you too.

Mastering this aspect of life can seem difficult. In truth, though, you can overcome almost any possible worry by focusing on five simple areas. Start paying attention to them immediately, and you’ll look and feel better than ever in no time.


1.Start With Natural Foundations

If you want to look your best, it’s important that you learn to invest in yourself. A little exercise targeted towards your goals can have a telling impact. Likewise, great nutrition and hydration will boost your body image as well as your skin and other features. Complete these task with a great night’s sleep, and you’ll be in the best place possible. You might not suddenly look like David Beckham, but you will become the best possible version of you. What more could you ever ask for.

2.Dress To Impress

Every man can appreciate the importance of fashion. However, it’s not simply about picking the coolest outfit from the local high street store. Finding a style that suits you is far more important than finding the latest popular trend. Perhaps most crucially, though, you must ensure that your clothes fit. Ill-fitting outfits instantly ruin your overall appearance. Use accessories to boost your look too, and you cannot go wrong.

3.Smell Great

Weirdly, appearances aren’t all about the eyes. Our reactions to other humans rely on all of the senses, and smell is certainly one of the most important. Fragranced beard oils by Artius Man can elicit a greater reaction from others, and from yourself. Given that good grooming has a major impact on the direct look too, this can only be a positive. Meanwhile, finding the right cologne can make a massive difference also.

4.Work From The Bottom Up

Fashion has already been mentioned, but the one thing that wasn’t mentioned was footwear. This is one of the first things that anybody will notice about your appearance and style. So rather than falling into the trap of finding shoes to fit your look, why not build your outfit around the shoes? Handmade Chelsea boots from Hudson Shoes are just one of the many great options out there. Either way, a winning pair of shoes will form the basis of a winning outfit. Apart from anything else, feeling comfortable in shoes can impact the way you walk and stand.

5.Be Happy
Quite frankly, though, the most attractive feature on any man (or woman) is happiness. Even if you’re teeth aren’t perfect, a winning smile is your greatest asset. The best way to achieve that is by investing in time for yourself. When you are content in life, your happiness will rub off on others. If you actively make others feel happy, their reaction to you will be greater than ever. It might sound a little corny, but it really does work.




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