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Molton Brown – Russian Leather

September 26, 2017

Hello guys, I hope you are having a great week. With the Autumn chill in the air, I’ve been spoiling myself each evening with Molton Brown’s new Black Russian Collection. I love the intense, dark and enigmatic scents of the Collection’s three components: Bath & Shower Gel, a 50ml perfume, and a candle that comes with either one or three wicks.

The collection takes its inspiration from 17th-century Russian leather crafting. It’s widely known that Russian leather, topped with strong smelling birch oil from Siberia, was highly regarded as it was extra durable, very strong and very good. However hard other European tanners tried, no one could match Russian leather. I bet you’ll find it just as hard today to find another product that matches – or even beats – the dark, smoky and masculine overtones and feel of this luxurious bath and body range.


Russian Leather Eau De Toilette:

Russian Leather is regarded as one of the deepest leather scents. However, I’ve found that the fragrance itself is surprisingly fresh on the skin at first. The basil and Siberian pine on the higher tiers of the fragrance brings a softer “touch” to the scent and balance out the “heaviness” of the birch. You’ll notice how the fragrance intensifies with time, especially as the base notes start to unveil. The leather and juniper wood add a smokiness and warmth to the perfume, which makes it a classic choice for the Autumn.

Russian Leather is ideal for anyone who likes heavier perfumes without it being too overpowering. The smoky/sweet notes strike the perfect balance. I think it makes a great transition fragrance in the coming months.


Top notes: elemi, black tea and purple basil.

Heart notes Siberian pine, tobacco and birch.

Base notes: vetiver, leather and cade.


Russian Leather Bath & Shower Gel:

Completing the collection, the Bath & Shower Gel offers a great alternative (or addition) to the perfume as it maintains the same intense scent. The body wash lives up to the highest standards set by Molton Brown for their Bath and Body lines and is very long lasting and smells great on the skin.



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