New Job? New Wardrobe, New You

July 19, 2017

So, you’ve secured your new job role, and your future career is looking bright (congratulations).You’ll want to turn up on your first day looking dapper and ready to take on the challenge of your new position in the company. Therefore, you might want to consider a little shopping expedition so that you can gather together a shiny new work wardrobe, and continue to look fresh every day of the week. The following are some things to consider if you’ve just landed your dream job and don’t want to disappoint in the style department.


A Sharp Fit

Whatever you’re expected to wear for work; if you’re attire fits like a dream, you’ll be brimming with confidence the second your stride into your new work environment. It’s worth visiting a few stores to try on the best suits for your body and budget, that will look professional and give you a stylish edge to boot. Your trousers, jacket, and shirts should also fit like a dream; companies like will ensure that you have a tailor made piece, or two, in your work wardrobe that will provide both comfort and style.

Choose colours that will work with a number of different hues; this will ensure that your capsule wardrobe is flexible and can be switched up from boardroom to client drinks at a moment’s notice, with your accessories. You want to look just as smart when you take off your jacket as you do when you’re wearing it; so make sure that every layer of your outfit represents the image you want to portray and invest wisely in each piece.

Take the same attitude with your coats and outerwear; unless you’re cycling into work, a well-fitted winter cover-up will impress as you head into work and should you bump into your boss on the tube. So whether you’re heading to BoohooMan or Burberry; invest in items that you’ll feel proud and confident to wear in any occasion (except maybe the beach).


A Detailed Touch

It’s the little things that can lift an outfit and ensure that you’re representing your personality when it comes to style. Think about the details that you’ll be able to change daily and items that will add a lively pop of colour or a bold print; these can be a great ice breaker during a meeting, and you won’t feel dull when you look in the mirror of the company bathroom. Websites like will give you some great ideas on how to introduce some serious style personality to your suits with socks, pocket squares, and ties, so you can be brave and make bold fashion choices.  

Watches, shoes, and bags are another area to invest wisely in; you’ll want to ensure that they last a long time and work well with whatever you’re choosing to wear that day. Think about classic leather items in neutral colours that will make a versatile and classic addition to your wardrobe; if you’re wearing something every weekday, the extra investment will be worth it.




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