Posh Nights Out In London

August 17, 2017

Despite what the average cost of rent might suggest, London really is a city for everyone. Whether you’re on a budget, or you can live it large, London is the perfect weekend break because there’s something that people of all walks of life can enjoy. That said, there’s no denying that London has class and elegance in abundance. Not only is it the home of the British Royal Family, but its history, culture, and exclusive clubs make it one of the most luxurious places for a night out. If you want to splurge a little in this amazing city, here are a few venues to check out that will make you feel incredibly posh.


The Toy Room

It’s nice to get dressed to the nines and go to an exclusive nightclub, but the Toy Room has such a dress code in place because it regularly hosts celebrities. It’s the hottest destination on Mayfair, so make sure you get on the guest list if you want to stand a chance of getting in. While you can expect to pay the Toy Room entry fee upon arrival, ladies who are on the guest list and arrive before 11 pm have a good chance of getting in for free. The Toy Room is famous for exclusively playing R&B and Hip Hop music, and you might be treated to a performance from DJ Kaveh and DJ Prince Charles.

Cirque le Soir

It might have a circus theme, but Cirque le Soir has the vibe of downtown New York that balances out any of the weird occurrences that would make Lady Gaga proud. Entertainment includes some outrageous acts such as dancing dwarfs wearing baby masks, fire-eaters and burlesque dancer, but there are some low-key attractions such as arcade games, and fairground attractions. It’s definitely edgy, but it has attracted celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and Leonardo DiCaprio to name but a few. It’s a unique, and definitely memorable, night out.


A posh night out in London doesn’t get more artistic than experiencing Drama in Park Lane. With its range of eclectic music and its memorable banana scented wallpaper, Drama is a high-end clubbing experience you won’t easily forget. If you manage to get a peek inside the Gold Room, you might catch a glimpse of some exclusive members – the likes of Daisy Lowe, Nick Grimshaw and Lindsay Lohan have all been spotted at this celebrity hot-spot. But whether you bump shoulders with celebrities or not, Drama is still a very social club, but definitely, make sure you have dressed appropriately if you want to get in and experience it for yourself.


If you’ve ever wanted to capture a taste of the 1920s, then you needn’t look further than London’s first speakeasy, Barts. Still nestled within an unassuming apartment block in Sloane Avenue, Barts is still considered London’s worst kept secret. Compared to most of the posh nightclub experience London can offer, Barts seems pretty low key, but it definitely still has its charms.




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