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Rebranding Traditional Male Images For You

September 18, 2017

In the modern day and age, a touch of the vintage goes a long way. You can look incredibly good if you know how to use and wear retro properly and can mean you’re thought of as more approachable and successful. However, a lot of the pre-2000s aesthetic could do with a little bit of rebranding, first of all, to make these kinds of styles both better and easier to wear. Traditional male images also need a little rebranding because the current year’s style is so unique and already made up of our past days, so a lot of what to choose from doesn’t work. So what can you do to incorporate some vintage icons into your everyday look?


Being the Guy with the Pipe

This is an image that doesn’t work in public so much as in private. Getting your hands on a pipe, first of all, can be a little difficult, but as always the internet is our friend. If you do like the thought of your own tobacco pipe, these models don’t cost much and are high in quality.

Having a pipe to whip out at a party is a great conversation starter, and can often give you a sophisticated vibe. But don’t rely on this alone, as overplaying the image can be easily done.

Dressing Well with What You Have

Dressing sharp is often considered the key to success. However, you don’t have to fork out for a whole new tailored outfit or anything that’s really out of your comfort zone. Wrap a tie around your neck, but make sure it’s loose.

A button up enhances every man’s natural shape and is also super comfortable to wear. They’ve often fitted shirts, and work well on arms and shoulders. They’re also pretty cheap and perfect for all occasions, so you’re likely to have a few in your wardrobe. Break them out more.

Think of Tom Cruise in his aviators in Top Gun and you’ve got yourself a strong style guide. Use your sunglasses to stylish effect when it’s sunny out, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either, as even a cheap pair of aviators can take you far.

Branch Out with a Beard

Well groomed face hair works well on every man. Make sure you know how to shave with your face shape, use hot towels to clean and disinfect pores, and don’t just go all out with your razor.

Yet it’s fine if you struggle to grow one, as clean-shaven is its own brand of goodness. It’s an already established look that a lot of people can get behind, so no worries there. You don’t want some peach fuzz to be the only thing on your chin, so work with what you organically have.

Your style doesn’t just come out through your looks, however, and is often found in your everyday life as well. Think of how you present yourself and how you can sleek that look to prime levels.



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