Splashing Out On Your Hotel

March 12, 2018

We spend too much time worrying about money. Yes it is important to live within your means, but when it comes time to treat yourself – don’t worry so much. Splashing out a little is great and can have so many benefits if done correctly. Take travelling for example – you can easily visit so many parts of the world for minimal money. Budget airlines and light packing will happily see you to your chosen destination with low expenditure. But a holiday is supposed to be about relaxing and having fun, and cheap hotels can very often have the exact opposite effect.


Better sleep

First of all, in a higher rated Hotel, which will come with a higher price tag, can offer you a much better nights sleep. At the end of the day – you’re paying for it, so why wouldn’t you get the best? Higher price tag should mean higher quality of furniture, bedding, air con or heating (whichever is required) as well as better sound proofing. Thin walls belong in cheap motels. Not only will a soft bed with luxurious bedding put you right to sleep, but the ideal location without traffic right outside your window, and a hot soak in the tub will help you drift off soundly.

Better shower

We mentioned the tub, but the shower is just important. Often in cheaper places the water pressure is more like a dribble than a sprinkle when you really just want, well, a shower. And ideally you probably want the shower to be hot for as lot as you want to keep it running. On top of that, a lot of budget hotels offer complimentary shampoos and soaps, but the higher price does mean better quality cosmetics and products.

Better view

Rather than staring over a mass of buildings for a glimpse of the sea, don’t you want to be looking over the ocean, glass of wine in hand, with nothing interrupting your view? The best views obviously up the price of a hotel, but it can be so worth it; not only do you have that amazing sight greeting you every morning, but it also means that that paradise is right on your doorstep. Look at Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa and the Maldives floating villas – who wouldn’t want to be that close to those amazing sights and experiences?

Better food

Not knocking the many Premier Inns attached to local pubs, as the food can be lovely- but once again more money spent means better quality. It’s exactly the same as choosing a restraint to eat at – you know your food is going to be of a much higher standard in a pricier restaurant than in a fast food place. Two ends on the scale but a fair analogy. If you’re paying the absolute top dollar, you can also expect that amazing food to be brought to your suite where you can eat your lobster dipped in truffle sauce and layered with gold leaf, at your own leisure.




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