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The 3 Key Points For Your Travel Checklist

May 15, 2017

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when arriving at the airport knowing you’re just about to jet of to that destination you’ve been thinking about for the past few months while sitting at your desk in the office. However, there’s nothing worse than that feeling you get when you reach into your bag, and you’ve forgotten your passport or something equally as vital for a successful trip away. Making sure that your holiday checklist is thorough and everything has been ticked off, will make your vacation run as smoothly as possible.


Where You Are Going

Think about what you really need right now. Does the thought of trekking through a dense rainforest fill you with utter delight; or are you daydreaming of drinking cold beers poolside, somewhere your newly coiffed beard will be appreciated? Either way; it’s time to go with what your gut is telling you to do, or, in other words, treat yo’self.

Before booking, you’ve obviously got to (sadly) think about the budget, because you don’t want to have travelled business class somewhere, only to be eating crisps and enjoying the free table water for your fortnights stay. Plan your budget accordingly; get that list out and think about your travel, accommodation, food and drink, and any activities or attractions you don’t want to miss out. Don’t worry if you are on a tighter budget; it doesn’t mean you have to end up trekking through the rain in Skegness. Take a look at cheap travel destinations for explorers for some inspiration, or, if you just need to relax and catch a tan; check out the top 15 budget beach destinations for your next holiday.

What You Are Taking Everything In

Aside from saying a lot about your personal style, your suitcase and hand luggage need to be functional. Think about your destination; a Samsonite and designer man bag is cool for a city or beach break. However, you don’t want to be dragging a four-wheeled suitcase up Mount Kilimanjaro; a quality backpack is going to be a more appropriate choice. If anything, what you take your belongings in shouldn’t be a style statement. The most important thing is it’s functionality, as you want to ensure your items are as safe as possible when you get there, and the snowglobe you’re bringing back fro New York isn’t going to smash before you get to Heathrow.

What You’re Going To Take

Once again, it’s time be thinking appropriately when you start packing your suitcase. That list that keeps getting mentioned should be nearby. The two main points to consider are; what the weather is likely to be like, and what are you going to be doing when you arrive at your destination. It’s always worth investing in stuff that’s going to last you until your next trip away; so whether it’s swim shorts for men you’re shopping for, or some men’s classic shades, consider applicable they’ll be for your holiday, and for future trips away.

Sorting out your travel checklist means eliminating any added hassle that you don’t need on your well-deserved break; so take 10 minutes out of your day to write something down in your phone or on a pad, and tick everything off prior to departing. Now, before you leave the house, it’s time to check; have you got your passport?



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