The 5 Articles Of Clothing That Will Never Let You Down

September 21, 2017

Many men are dedicated followers of fashion, scrupulously following design trends and ensuring that they make an entrance with their look wherever they go. More yet approach fashion with a much more personal outlook. They know what they like, they know what works for them and they tend to buy these items and only these items. There are also, however, those who fall somewhere in between. They know what they like when they see it, but are skittish when it comes to clothes shopping, They might consider themselves too old, not cool enough or stubbornly unwilling to wear what everyone else is wearing just because it’s popular.


Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion or someone who refuses to be ruled by the caprices of the fashion industry, there are 5 items that every man should have. These are the 5 things that will never let you down, go out of fashion or draw an eye roll because it’s so last season. They’ll look good on you whatever your size or shape and be appropriate for virtually any occasion…

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are great because they’re comfortable and casual but not without a semblance of smartness. Just check out Dickies polo shirts and you’ll see the range that can be achieved with this humble garment. Polo shirts can be dressed up or down. They go equally well with jeans as they do with a blazer and chinos. They showcase a gym fit physique really well but its clean lines are also flattering for those of us who prefer a pizza and a pint to slogging away at the gym.

A plain casual shirt

The casual shirt is your wardrobe’s swiss army knife. You’ll cut a fine figure with it wherever you go and while you’ll never be considered overdressed in the casual company you also won’t look underprepared for a night on the town. The casual shirt has Ben Sherman to thank for its rise in popularity in the UK and while the brand was built on the youth culture of the baby boomer generation, it’s also known for its eclecticism and whatever your age, style or body type it’s easy to find the right casual shirt.

A plain crew neck tee

These are proliferating all over the high street in a range of colours and styles, emblazoned with various images but there are few things more timeless than a plain crew neck tee. It embodies the three Cs; Casual, Comfortable, Cool. While nobody will ever rock a plain white crew neck as well as James Dean, it’s an item of clothing that literally any man can look cool in.

A white dress shirt

Simple and elegant with clean lines and a sharp collar, a white dress shirt is impossible to wear badly. It can work equally well at work, at a job interview or on a date. If you’re wearing it out for a meal, though, avoid curries, pasta sauces and anything that will give your white shirt unintended polka dots.

And finally… a good blazer

A good blazer is essential to top off your look. It can make casual wear look smarter and round off a formal loom with a dress shirt. They’re also great at lending your body shape and hiding all manner of sins in times of culinary indulgence.


Whatever trends and fads may beset the fashion industry, stock up on these items and you’ll never be out of style!




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