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The Fountain Of Youth: Self-Care Tips For The Age-Conscious Gentleman

June 29, 2017

Everywhere we look it seems there are adverts for products designed to help women look younger. Of course, for years now body image pressure from the media has almost exclusively (and sadly) focused on women alone – so it’s little surprise that so many products reactively exist. But for the ageing man, things couldn’t be more different. It is assumed in wide circles that men do not want to take care of themselves, especially as they age. There is also a misconception that every man has no issues at all regarding their advancing years, and that we all eventually turn into a dapper Pierce Brosnan type. While this may be a lucky reality for some people, it evidently isn’t the case for all of us. Ageing is nothing to be embarrassed about, but on the other hand, taking care of yourself as you age should not be looked down upon either. If you’re concerned that the years are passing you by a little too quickly, and you want to turn back the clock (at least physically), here are some handy tips for self-preservation.

Take care of your skin

If you’ve gotten this far in life without having a dedicated skincare routine, you are probably wondering why it’s so imperative that you implement one NOW. It’s true that men’s skin tends to age better than women’s, due to differences in the amount of collagen between the two sexes. But this doesn’t mean to say that your skin is going to stay baby-soft and wrinkle-free right into your senior years. Eventually, time will take its toll, not to mention years of sun damage and the effects of your lifestyle (boozy liquid diet, anyone?). A simple yet solid skincare routine can protect your skin from these continuing hazards, and can even (in some cases) reverse some adverse effects. You don’t need to invest in anything too expensive or six different products to run through every morning, as you probably won’t have time for that. A refreshing cleanser and a good moisturiser are the two absolute musts to store in your bathroom cabinet. Opt for a moisturizer that combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and ideally, one that contains an SPF too. UV rays are one of the leading causes behind the prematurely aged skin. You might feel as though you look better when you’ve caught the sun a little, but lined, leathery skin is a big price to pay for a summertime tan. By using sunscreen regularly and a moisturiser with a built-in SPF, you can form a barrier between your skin and any harmful UV rays – meaning you can enjoy the warm weather without putting your skin at risk.

Make the most of your hair

Hair and our relationship with it as we age is a peculiar thing. It might not be something you have ever thought about in your life before – until you start to lose! Dealing with a receding hairline and thinning hair are two things that affect a huge proportion of men, and often at surprisingly young ages. It is not entirely known why men tend to go bald and women don’t, although studies would suggest that it is something to do with a decrease in testosterone levels as we age. Losing your hair can deal a massive blow to your confidence, with some men even feeling too embarrassed to leave the house, or resorting to wearing hats a lot. Clearly, neither of these are ideal scenarios to find yourself in, which is why finding a solution to the root of the problem is usually better. Propecia tablets are used in men with male pattern baldness and have been shown to increase testosterone, thus allowing the hair follicles to return to their true size. This may not cause a brand new head of hair to sprout up once more (that kind of effect is only really possible with a hair transplant) but it can significantly improve the appearance of the locks you do have. Another thing you may want to consider when it comes to your hair is whether you are going to allow yourself to go grey or not. There is a lot that can be said for silver foxes – but this look isn’t to everyone’s taste. If you would rather keep your coloured hair for as long as possible, be aware of what does and what doesn’t look natural. If you are dying your hair jet black yet your eyebrows and beard are turning gradually white, it will all look a bit odd. Visit a professional hairdresser, who will be able to give you a more subtle yet still convincing look.

Continue to work out

You might think that beyond a certain age, there isn’t a great deal you can do for your body. But this is where you’re wrong! Okay, so body-building into your old age maybe isn’t the best way to go about keeping in good shape. But your body only looks as old as you let it. Maintaining a regular and dedicated exercise regime will keep your body in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Of course, certain parts of you may start to show the odd sign of wear and tear, but bear in mind that it is all completely natural. As long as you don’t let your weight and cholesterol creep up on you, you should be able to hold down a physique that is more than appropriate for your years. Remember that you may not be able to push yourself in the way that you once did, so make a point of looking for new and alternative forms of exercise. This doesn’t mean signing up for Tai Chi classes just yet – but maybe just cutting down three HIIT classes a week to just one, and going out for jogs or bike rides instead. All these things will still help you to keep in shape, but they just won’t put any excessive strain on your heart or your bones. Ageing should never be something you should fear, so take some of these hints on board and rock your advancing years.




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