The Gifts Us Guys Actually Want

March 29, 2018

Now, while we are for the most part very grateful to receive any, and all gifts that come our way, especially the picture made from pasta that the kids create for us, occasionally us guys end up getting things that just don’t make us smile. It’s usually that 10th pair or Argyle socks or that formal tie that we know we are just never going to wear. With that in mind, I have come up with a little guidance for those of you tasked with the difficult job of buying us guys a gift. Just read on to find out what we truly like.


Something fun

Fun is good, and a life full of fun is well worth living. That means if you pick something fun as a gift for us we are pretty much predisposed to like it. However, the term fun is a broad concept, so I have narrowed it down a bit for you.

Firstly, one fun thing that is always guaranteed to put a smile on our face is tickets to our favorite sports team. It’s even better if you know our other buddies are going, or if you get a family pass so we can all spend some quality time together!

Another super fun gift that keeps on giving is signing us up for subscription box. Then we get a little treat each and every month to look forward too. Something that is a great motivator and can help us out when we are having a tough day at the office. In particular candy boxes are a great choice, or for the nerdy guy why not go for something like Loot Crate that is jam-packed full of awesome collectibles? We promise not to leave them all over the house!

Some me time

Another solid bet when buying a gift for the man in your life is to pick something that allows him to take some time out of his busy schedule of being a father and provider and have some time to himself. That’s right; us guys need me time too!

One way of providing this is to go for a something like a PureDrive luxury car hire package where we get to live out our automobile dreams at least for a little while! Alternately there are track days where we get to zoom around a race course, or even the odd spa day can be welcome. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a little pampering now and then?

Something thoughtful

Last but not least, a sure fire way to please the man in your life with a gift is to pick something that is as thoughtful as possible. It may be that you take the time to put together a hamper of all our favorite foods and movies like the one in the video below, or you frame a map of the location we first met.

It can even be something awesome that the kids have made, as the fact they took the time and effort to show us how much they love us is always such a boost and make us feel super special. Which is, after all, all we mean really want!  




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