The Guidebook To Switching Up Your Look

March 24, 2017

Most of us feel the urge to switch up our look at some point in our lives, but the difficulty lies in making that sudden change. It’s not as if you can gradually transition the change from one fashion style to another, especially if you’ve become known to wear certain kinds of clothes or don certain kinds of accessories. Often we fear that others might judge us for being “fake”, even though our desire to try something new clearly represents a deeply rooted need to represent ourselves more truthfully. Still, it’s hard to reason with niggling doubts at the back of your mind, and I think anyone can relate to that.

Making a big change is about turning it into a small change. Essentially, it’s about switching up your look without making a big deal out of it. If you’ve always fancied a tattoo, then you should get one. If you’ve always wanted to wear jewellery even though society sometimes turns that into a “peculiar” thing for men to do, then you should do that. It’d be fake to not switch up your look, so here’s the guidebook to getting started if you’re still hesitant.


Take the plunge.

This is the toughest part of switching up your look. We fear being judged by friends and family who’ve known our look and style for so many years that they might think us a fraud if we were to suddenly change everything. The key to pulling off a new look, however, is all about confidence. If you want to change things, then you just need to do it. You could browse some online stores for mens clothing if you’re still running short on ideas. You don’t need to dress in something extravagant or outlandish as models would at high-end fashion catwalk. Simply knowing that you want to try something new is a good start.

You need to be brave and branch out. Perhaps you could try out a style of jacket you’ve never worn before, but always wish you could be “cool” enough to wear. Perhaps you thought trench coats were too much, but you also admired them from afar. If you want to adopt a sophisticated or understated fashion sense, then all you need to do is take the plunge. It’s okay to perform a U-Turn with your style. None of us should feel pigeonholed in one “genre” of fashion. You change as you get older, and it makes sense that your fashion sense should change too.


Keep your integrity.

As mentioned above, the key to pulling a certain style of fashion off successfully is confidence. If you seem uncomfortable in a new look, then it’s not right for you. Moreover, when you do find the right look, people will accept it because they’ll be able to tell that it’s representative of you and your style. They’ll know that you’re not just trying to impress people or wear what they think you should be wearing.

This is how you successfully switch up your look. You commit to the change and make it clear that this is you now. That way, you’ll retain your individuality and what it means to be “you”, even if your identity has changed slightly from your younger self. That’s to be expected, and everybody is the same, even if they don’t admit it.



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