The Hidden Gems Of France

March 31, 2018

Going to France is one of the best things you’ll ever do. It is one of the best countries for sightseeing, romance, happiness, and just an all round good time. It really isn’t that expensive either for a nice long weekend break with either a loved one or friends. But when people think about going to France, they usually just think about going to the main attraction, Paris. However, there is so much more to France than that. It is full of hidden gems that so many people miss out of their trip purely because they’re so focused on the main capital. So, experience France in all it’s glory with these tips that we have below for you.



France is full of history, it is literally everywhere you turn. From museums to ancient ruins and churches, it has it all. One thing that we definitely recommend you doing is a versailles day trip. It is a huge royal palace that is now open to the public, and boy is it rich with some amazing French history. To stand in the presence of a building so grand is often jaw dropping to a lot of people as well. You won’t truly realise the magnitude of Versailles until you take a trip there as well. Another on the hit list of anyone searching for a bit of history in France has to be the Somme battlefields. It was one of the most bloodiest battle zones that history has ever seen, but today it is filled with thousands of poppies to mark the remembrance of the hundreds of soldiers that fell on those battlefields during the first world war. Finally, Nimes Arena is one of the best preserved Roman sites in possibly the world, if not just France. It was once an amphitheater where gladiators would have fought, and acts would have performed. Now it is open for you to have a mooch around and get a feel for what Roman life would have been like.

Day Trips

If you go to France and don’t do a day trip to one of the vineyards, what is the point in even going to France. It is what they’re famous for, it is what they do best, and it is what they want you to see. But don’t go to one of the bigger vineyards, the best ones to visit are those that are individually owned by small native families who are trying to make a visit the best they can. Their way of making the finest wines will have been in the family for generations, and we guarantee it’ll be some of the finest wine you’ve ever tasted. If you go to France in the height of summer, this is one of the best days out you can have. A lot of them come with a complimentary glass of wine and a free lunch! Another day trip you have to take is to the beach of Normandy. It is such a historic place to visit, and it feels truly humbling to stand where soldiers battled. There are guided day trips that will talk you through the events of what happened on that day, so the history buffs of you out there will love that!





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