The Outdoor Fashion Must Haves

July 19, 2017

When it comes to taking to the outdoors, there’s not much that we tend to think of in terms of fashion – but that’s not a good mindset to be in. We can still look great, and have done for centuries. You need to look past what has been considered to be the norm over the past couple of decades and look for the true purveyors of outdoor wear to really look at the class that you can buy into.



It’s not hard to spend a lot of time in the countryside nowadays, especially with such great public transport links across the country that can whisk you from A to B. If you haven’t considered it before, a membership to the National Trust or English Heritage can give you access to so many historic sites that are a brilliant day out. However, the one thing that you need to consider is the temperature of the places that you are visiting – especially if they are in a colder part of the country. Looking for country fleeces for men online has been made a lot easier by high-end country stores making their appearances on the internet. It’s never been easier to fit in, but it’s not just the design that you need to look for; the ergonomics of a fleece count for a lot, especially when trying to fit in the water resistance aspects and how warm it’ll actually keep you. While looking good counts for a lot, it won’t do anything to regulate your body temperature – so make sure you look out for tried and tested products.



There is definitely a country brand that sticks out a lot more to the masses and are the first ones that people think of when they try to conjure up their definition of what a visitor to the countryside should wear. Companies like Barbour, Joules and John Partridge are a staple of the English countryside, and in terms of fashion progression they haven’t gone far – and that’s just perfect. They have already hit a peak of true English style and are staying there without the need for much major change. Muted colours such as browns, navy blues and greens are the staple of the outer jacket and are there to stay. With such colours being able to be so easily accessorised, it’s no wonder that these are some of the most popular products on the outdoor wear market.



Depending on where about you are going, you can get away with simple trainers or may have to buy walking/hiking boots or wellington boots. Hunters always dominate the footwear scene outdoors when it’s muddy, and they have started making their way onto the festival scene too – Hunter actually did a drive of giving away free orange wellies to visitors to Glastonbury Festival 2013 as a promotion. With so much hype around the brand itself, it only makes sense to invest in a pair not just for practical purposes but for fashion purposes too. They’ll always come in handy when it’s rainy outside.




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