The Ultimate Guide To Coffee Shop Chic: Work Or Play?

May 12, 2017

We spend an embarrassing amount of time in coffee shops, don’t we? It’s not just the free Wi-Fi that attracts us. Working on a laptop in a coffee shop helps us to focus on the task at hand. It ‘feels’ like we’re at work and not at home and that helps to get things done.

Coffee shops are full of designers, freelancers, writers and bloggers jostling for position with harassed young Mums and retired pensioners. You can achieve your entrepreneurial dreams from anywhere in the world but, at some point, you will end up working in a coffee shop! Everyone does so you need to look good when you are there.

Deciding what to wear to this semi-formal location can be hard. You can’t sit down to answer your email in your PJs like you would at home. Yet, a formal suit feels a little ridiculous amongst the cappuccinos.

Follow this guide to coffee shop chic and be the best-dressed entrepreneur in the room.

Keep it simple and classic

T-shirts are the standard coffee shop attire but choose carefully. They must look as if they were made with your body in mind. T-shirt sleeves should finish mid bicep. The shirt body should be slim around the torso end just an inch or so below the waist.

This wardrobe staple works well with a pair of jeans and boots if you are working alone. If you are meeting with a client or a colleague you can dress it up with an unstructured blazer and pair with chinos instead of jeans. Colours don’t need to be complicated. White, grey and navy are extremely versatile and can be used undershirts. Black is best left to the evenings.

When you are selecting a pair of jeans for the coffee shop, or anywhere else, fit is what matters the most. The buzz word here is slim (not skinny) and you may have to bite the bullet and take them to a tailor to get the perfect fit.

So, which colours work best for coffee shop chic? Everyone needs to have a raw indigo colour and, if you like them, you can add in a grey and black washed pair. The design should be super simple. Forget distressing and steer clear of logos or words.  

Individualise it with accessories

Finish off the look with a timeless belt from brighton belts and choose a smaller slimline buckle for comfort when you have sat your laptop for hours. Some simple jewellery, such a leather band, will look great but will not get in your way as your fingers fly over the keyboards clinching your next killer deal!

Coffee shops get quite warm so huge boots are a no-go. Trainers with minimal detailing are basically all you need. Neutral colours like black and white will go with absolutely anything. Adapt the look for summer with a pair of loafers and for the depths of winter with a pair of brown suede desert boots.  




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