Top Attractions In Wales

April 24, 2017

Anytime anyone thinks about going on holiday, they want to board a plane and fly hours to an exotic location. The idea of visiting the Seychelles is tempting, but sometimes Britain can offer a fantastic alternative, in this case, Wales. As part of the UK, it has awesome scenery, rugged terrain, lovely people, and the strangest language on earth. Why wouldn’t you want to visit?! So, if you do decide to visit the land of the leak lovers, here are the sights that you can’t miss. Enjoy.



Although the name evokes images of The Game of Thrones, Snowdonia is a national park. And, it’s one that isn’t like many others in Britain, never mind the rest of the world. The hikes can range from very easy to almost impossible, and the scenery is breathtaking. What sets it apart, though, is the colour. At the top of any trail, regardless of the season, you will see fields of green as far as the eye can see. Most of the time, mountains can be barren without any colour or imagery. That isn’t the case in Snowdonia. And, if walking isn’t your thing, you can always catch the train to the top. Easy!  


Cardiff is the capital city, which means it is a multicultural hub like London, Edinburgh, and Belfast. No matter how many times you go, you won’t get bored with the people that mix in (almost) complete harmony. Of course, people watching isn’t going to keep you entertained all holiday. What will entertain is the variety of sights, like Cardiff Bay or the National Museum. Oh, and don’t forget to catch a game of rugby at the Principality Stadium. Cardiff is also an excellent place because of geography. Within an hour or two, you can get to the next largest city and sample the best things to do in Swansea as well. There aren’t many countries where the two main hubs are so easily connected.


The UK isn’t renowned for its island, although, ironically, it is an island itself. For example, you won’t find a place that resembles Barbados or Trinidad & Tobago. What you will find instead is a place like Anglesey which is home to over a hundred miles of beautiful coastline. Then, there is the mild weather and sandy beaches that make the place so popular with tourists. Even the drive onto the island is exciting thanks to the Menai Suspension Bridge. If that isn’t enough, there is the town with the longest place name.

Caernarfon Castle

The UK gets some things wrong, but it’s the top dawg when it comes to castles. Caernarfon Castle is one of the oldest and most historic fortresses in British history. It was built sometime in the 1280s for the Prince of Wales, and it is still in excellent condition. In fact, it’s thought of as one of the best castles still in existence in Europe. If history is your thing, there are plenty of tours that take place on a daily basis.
Just don’t fall into the moat because you won’t be able t get out!




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