Travel Ideas That Will Shake Up Your Traditional Holiday Plans

June 20, 2017

When the time comes to take your annual holiday, do you often find yourself leaning towards the same kinds of places – if not the exact same place? Well, you may have found a corner of the world that you love the most, but with so many different places to see, you’re missing out on most. You might love the little town that you head to, and the beach might be the perfect backdrop to a week’s’ worth of sunbathing, but if you’re starting to feel like the place has got a little stale, it’s time to shake it up. And when you want to shake up your holiday, here are some options to consider.



Do you always feel like you need to head to another country in order to have a holiday? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. When you want to get away, why not opt for a staycation? You could head to the cost, visit an old hometown, or even explore a new city that you’ve never seen before. Staycations are often a great way to travel when you’re on a budget. You can often find great deals on hotels and cottage breaks across the country.

Winter Wonderland

And who says you have to head to the sun to have a holiday? Sometimes, going on a ski trip could be the best way to shake up your traditional holiday plans. You still get the same amount of relaxation, but instead of sunbathing, you get to fly down a few slopes and sip cocoa in the hot tub with friends and family. Apres Ski is often one of the most social holiday choices you can make.

Adventure Hike

If you like the idea of getting your heart rate up when you’re on holiday, but you’re not a fan of the slopes, why not hike instead? There are so many incredible places to see across the country and internationally. With a handy hiking guide, you can even make sure that you’re staying safe and get top tips on how to prepare for your trek. Then, you just have to decide which sites you’d like to see and get your walk on.

Road Trip

But a hike isn’t your only option when it comes to getting a sense of adventure. If you want to be able to see a few different sights on your break away, why not think about doing a road trip. There are so many incredible routes to choose from around the world; you don’t even have to stick to the UK or USA.


Or, if you never went travelling in your youth, but you like the idea of seeing lots of different places on your holiday, why not travel around a bit. It would be like a road trip, just without the car. You could head to one country, but stay in a few different locations while you’re there, like the beach, then the city, and finally the countryside. That way, you get the best of every destination but don’t have to be on the road.





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