Travel in Style around England

May 12, 2017

When you hear the world ‘style’, English cities don’t exactly spring to mind either, do they? You think about places like Paris, Milan and New York, don’t you? But when you see some of the beautiful and stylish places you can visit in England on this list, however, you’ll ask yourself: why? Why can’t you enjoy style and scenery in England?



Let us start with the obvious one: the capital. London is a place where you can rest assured that upon any visit there, you’ll be staying in a place that mixes heritage and contemporary elegance. Whether it’s staying in some of the best boutique hotels the city has to offer simply to see what it’s like to spend time in such an establishment, or in a hotel such as Dorsett Hotels, Shepherds Bush in order to revel in the local landmarks of Kensington High Street, Notting Hill or The Hammersmith Apollo, London most certainly has you covered. But you already knew all of that, didn’t you?


A place that you may not have before considered to be the hallmark of style; the second city often gets negative appraisals for a host of things: the locals’ accents baring the main brunt of the abuse. But what is often either forgot or not even known about Brum is the work it’s undergone in recent history to make it a cool and stylish place to visit. Brindley Place, for instance: boasts an array of stylish places to eat such as Bank Restaurant, Café Opus, and Café Rouge all a stone’s throw away from the gorgeous and highly renovated Gas Street Basin canal, on which sits The Gin Vault: a cool canalside bar that specialises in, yep, you guessed it, gin! And with places to check into such as the world famous Hyatt and Radison Blu hotels, as well as smaller, yet just as stylish choices such as The Eaton Hotel, there are many things to do and places to stay that all style lovers will, well, love when they travel to the heart of the country!


The problem of accent is not one that haunts the ‘Toon’, as it does Brum because it is commonly thought of as endearing; it’s the way in which their youth are depicted, however, that puts a lot of people off travelling to Newcastle. After the hugely popular and successful reality television series Geordie Shore, a lot of people who aren’t Geordies would have been excused in avoiding the city (which in truth is not too hard to avoid considering its geographical location), because of the lack of style of which the young cast of the show seem to show. But there are many trendy places in Newcastle that are rich in style and luxury, such as those found on Grey Street.


So, there you are just some of the places to most certainly take a look at when travelling to just two of England’s best cities. And if you plan on travelling to either straight away, remember to fill your travelling time with as much as possible, because travelling from London to Birmingham, to Newcastle on National Rail could take a while!




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