Traveling For Those Not Inclined To Unwind

April 25, 2017

Okay, traveling anywhere is the greatest thing anyone can do. Full stop. Period. It is a privilege that should not be wasted because, well, we are all citizens of this planet and we should see as much of it as we can. But we should also get the most out of each experience we can.

We tend to go traveling as a way to broaden our minds and our cultural understandings but what if we could broaden our skill set too. What if we could travel the world and get better qualified, who knows what doors could open up?

Well, to run with this concept and give you an idea of what thrills you could take up as you hope from one place to another, we have compiled a list of experiences for those that are wanting to up skill and not chill. Enjoy.


Under The Sea

Anyone that has put on a facemask and lodged a snorkel between their teeth will know just how amazing – no, mesmerizing – the underwater world can be. It is a place of magic like no other, which is why you should look at getting your PADI Divemaster qualification. Not only will you be able to explore any part of any ocean your heart urges you to explore, you will be able to lead others on the experience of a lifetime. You will be solely responsible for helping people tick off their bucket list entries. What’s more, you will be able to work out of any dive shop you want to and explore some of the most beautiful places on earth. Mozambique, Thailand, Mexico, Corfu, Australia, Belize, Corfu, Honduras; the world will literally become your oyster, and in just 4 – 12 weeks too.

Snow Business Like It

Maybe the underwater world isn’t for you, which we get, we really do. We sometimes get scared of swimming in the shadow covered part of a swimming pool for fear of there being something in the water. That’s where heading as far as way as possible comes in; to the mountain peaks no less. You see, getting your ski instructor qualification gives you a skill that is transferable all over the world. Maybe you want to do it record time and do a five-week crash course somewhere, or perhaps you fancy starting with a season’s learning and then doing back to back seasons from here until the end of time. Well, you can, if you time the seasons right. Japan to Patagonia, France to Utah, New Zealand to Canada, Austria to Colorado. You could even take on South Africa’s two ski runs if you fancied it.

Conserve The World

Talking of South Africa, why not embrace all things conversationalist and go on a game ranger internship on one of the reserves in the north. Equally, you could head down south to Cape Town and volunteer in an aquarium, working as a marine conversationalist. If you love traveling then you must love the world in which we live, and all the things we share this planet with. It is a huge part of wanting to see the world, so why not put this passion to good use and learn how to better protect the earth. Why not learn about animal rescue, marine protection, ranch maintenance and poacher protection. These are all transferable skills that will make you an asset anywhere in the world, and that could be the very thing that sees you travel as a career for the rest of your life.




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