Visiting Toronto? You Must Do This!

April 21, 2017

The vibrant buzz of Canada is locked into Toronto. It’s a city with a pulse and a cool that few other places on earth can boast about. When you’re there, give these things a go.


Try the local cuisine

Canada isn’t all Maple Syrup and moose stew. In fact, the latter doesn’t exist. Probably. But the country does provide a mouth-watering selection of world-beating treats. Inspired by and reflective of its multi-cultural heritage, there’s a good variety of global delicacies to savour. Even more so in the diverse city of Toronto. So when you rock up to Ontario’s skytower city, swing by one of its many eateries for a bite. Your mouth will thank you later.

Highly recommended is The Richmond Station. Downtown dishes amongst the bustle of the street, it’s the perfect upmarket meal break from exploring the city. An open kitchen, relaxed vibe, friendly staff, and cool Canuck charm make this a must for anyone in the area with a rumbling in their stomach. On the starter menu are oysters and smoked trout (thanks Canadian fishermen!), whilst the mains range from grilled Cornish hen to a classic Station Burger with seasoned fries.

Visit the CN Tower

The iconic landmark of not just the city, but the country too, Toronto’s concrete cloud-piercer should be on every visitor’s to-do list. With awesome views of the city below and the perfect place for a pose, you can even pay to walk around the edge with a harness strapped to your body. Makes for a great photo, and doubly so for a terrifying adrenaline rush!

Catch some hockey

The Canadian national game is a thrill-a-second bang of stick-on-puck action, and you’re not going to want to miss it. Torontonian town heroes the Maple Leafs have often got a game going on, and could probably do with your cheers (they’re spirited, if not the best side in the country). Get to the Hockey Hall of Fame to get the lowdown on the sport’s rough and tumble.

Get dancing

Canadians are known for their laid-back attitude, but it doesn’t mean they can’t party it up with the rest of us. Throw on your best threads and take a trip down to the Entertainment District for a lifetime’s worth of bars and hot clubs. Lads, dudes and ladies get their freak on till the early hours, so practise making shapes, Toronto style! Before you so much as pack your dancing shoes though, don’t forget to get yourself official authorization to get into the country too! All tourists require an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization) to visit Canada, so make sure you get this sorted before choosing your best hair gel to take with you. Click here for more information.

Shop, shop, shop

Get yourself lunging your card and cash towards the many outlets at the Toronto Eaton Centre. It’s a shopper’s paradise of small boutiques, big name brands, and designer labels all housed under a stunning glass ceiling building. Bring your wallet and desire to spend and you won’t want to leave. Or you can simply let the rush of the city pass you by as you sip a coffee at one of the many cafes available.
Whatever you do, you won’t fail to be impressed by Toronto. It’s a city that loves you back.




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