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December 5, 2017

If you enjoy experimenting with fashion and love nothing more than mixing your pullovers with your flannel shirts and your skinny jeans with your tweed, you understand the importance of honing every aspect of your outfit. If you haven’t learned already, one key facet of any sort of attire is footwear. From brogues to loafers and from sneakers to Windsors, there are a vast array of styles and looks for you to pair with your ensembles. When hunting down the perfect pair of shoes, there are some things you need to consider. Read on to find out how you can ensure you locate the ideal pair of shoes to match with any outfit.

Go For As Much Quality As You Can Afford

The old adage of you pays your money, you takes your choice has never been more apt than it is for shoes. You might think that the pair of suedette cowboy boots at your local independent footwear retailer is an absolute bargain and too good a deal to be true. The chances are that you’re probably right. The stitching may come loose, your ankle may not be supported, and the small Cuban-esque heel might snap off at the earliest opportunity. Venture into a more salubrious shop and invest in a quality shoe. Your willingness to splash a little more cash will be rewarded.

Ensure You Dress Well

If you’re venturing out to a festive soiree this Christmas and the dress code is suited and booted, make sure you don’t whip on your Converse for comfort. You need to make sure you are dressing appropriately for each occasion. Get out your newest vintage purchase, put on a bow tie and pair your outfit with some classic Oxfords. A decent pair of shoes will elevate your attire from mundane to extraordinary.

Understand How To Care For Your Footwear

You may be used to kicking off your brogues at the end of a workday before curling up in front of the TV with a good book. Don’t neglect your shoes. Ensure that you invest in the sort of shoe horns available from a supplier like Comfy Clothiers. This way, you’ll be ensuring that your shoes have less chance of rubbing around your ankles and you won’t be scuffing the rear end of the leather as you take your shoes off. Invest in some good polish or wax to keep your loafers shiny and bright. When outdoors try to keep your footwear from getting too wet or invest in some waterproof spray to protect the material that your shoes are made from.

Go For Function Over Form

In the ideal world, you’ll discover the perfect pair of shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish. However, you may be tempted to purchase the most on-trend pair of leather slip-ons all in the pursuit of fashion at the expense of the skin on your ankles and the emergence of corns on your toes. Don’t do this however tempted you might be. You’ll end up wasting your money after you realise you can barely walk in your new footwear.

Footwear has been around for millennia. From the woollen footpads of the Incas to the sandals of the Son of God, it is only in the last one hundred years that fashion has taken hold of what we wear on our lower appendages. Don’t forget to heed this advice when locating your next pair of perfect shoes.



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