Wedding Wear Advice For Men

September 27, 2017

Deciding what to wear for a wedding can be pretty tricky. You want to look cool and stylish, and stand out, but also want to feel comfortable, and don’t want to take any attention away from the bride and groom. There isn’t one set outfit that you can wear to a wedding, especially when the weather and seasons have such a big effect on what you’ll feel comfortable in. But don’t worry gents, whatever the season, we’ve got you covered. Just follow the advice below, and you can’t go wrong.


Spring Wedding

Spring is probably the easiest season to dress for, as it tends to be neither too hot nor too cold, so you can just wear a classic dress suit. Navy is a perfect color to go for, regardless of whether the day is dark and dingy or bright and sunny. Changing up your shoes, shirt, and tie will add some color and personality to your outfit, and help you to stand out from the sea of navy. A white shirt, a red tie (or bowtie depending on your preference), and some brown brogues will look great together.

Summer Wedding

Summer is definitely the most difficult season to dress for, as you need to find a healthy balance between stylish, smart, and cool.  A lightweight blazer and a t-shirt, combined with some slim-fitting chinos pull off this look perfectly. This style gives the opportunity to switch up the color of your blazer, t-shirt, and chinos to create a colourful, yet stylish ensemble, that will get heads turning.

Autumn Wedding

Autumn weather can be tricky, as it has some days that are absolutely freezing, whereas others can make you feel as though you’re living on the sun. For this season you need a style that is comfortable and warm, yet will look great if you have to take your jacket off. A Harris tweed jacket is both warm and breathable and can come in a variety of different colors, so you can find one that fits your style, although variations of brown and red are the typical autumnal palette. Combine your jacket with a white dress shirt and some trousers, that work well together on their own.

Winter Wedding

You will want to layer for a winter wedding, especially if you live somewhere that has particularly cold winters. Adding a waistcoat to a navy suit will not only look stylish and well put together, but keep you warm too. Look out for suits made from wool or heavy cotton for some extra insulation. Once again, you can change up your tie and shoes to add some personality to your wedding attire.


Weddings can be tricky to dress for, especially if the dress code is pretty ambiguous. Just remember that, if you’re unsure, it’s always better to overdress than underdress. You should also mix up at least one article of your clothing with a different color or pattern, to add your own personality into your outfit. After all, you only need to make one small change to make your outfit unique and ensure that you don’t turn up to the wedding dressed exactly the same as someone else.




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