Why London is the Perfect Weekend Break

April 5, 2017

London. The perfect example of “the modern city.” Renowned for its innovative architecture and national heritage, it is a city which has perfectly embraced forward-thinking business culture. That said, it is a city steeped in history and legend and certainly a city which has not forgotten its past.

Quite the contrary, in fact; London remains the trendsetter, proving how acknowledging its traditions paves the way for modern living, making London the ideal destination for a long-weekend getaway.


Breaking the mould

Naturally, as a tourist attraction, London has the basic check-list itineraries that are not to be missed. Big Ben? Check. Westminster Abbey? Check. Buckingham Palace? Double-check! But there is more! It is amazing what you can find in the backstreets of London, tucked away from the commotion of the huge tourist attractions. Embrace your murderous side as you walk through London’s East-end in the steps of the infamous villain with the Jack The Ripper tour, the perfect activity for a spine-tingling night! You could even go full-victorian by donning a modern hairstyle (and London’s east-end is again perfect for traditional English barbers. Just think along the lines of Sweeney Todd).

Historical eats

Being a murderous villain is pretty hard work, and with London being a capital city, finding a reasonably priced meal can be a challenging experience. If you want the best food at a reasonable price, avoid the high street and just follow your nose. Some of the best eateries in London can be found in alleyways or above shops! That’s one of the charms of such a fantastic city. From fish and chips to tea and crumpets, London is the perfect getaway for self-confessed foodies!

Strut your style

London fashion has inspired countless contemporaries of the industry, and it’s not hard to see why. From the angst and attitude of the punk movement to the modern slickness of Brit-pop, fashion and music have always been at the heart of this wonderful city. If visiting for a weekend, you are likely to encounter buskers, street artists and entertainers, as well as world-class musicians and actors. Whether your style is the urban mod, or more clean cut and fresh, shops in London are sure to offer you variety, affordability and, most importantly, sex-appeal!

To Crown it Off

To end the day, nothing quite says “British” like a good pub. You can travel the world, and are less likely to find a better ale than here in the south of England. London has indeed embraced the gastro-micro-pub culture, but it’s passion for ale lies rooted in the heart of its traditional public houses. A stroll along the banks of the Thames would not be the same without the promise of a crisp-tasting pint, as you watch the sun descend behind Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.


 Whatever it is you seek from a weekend city-break, London would be hard not to advise. With an array of activities for any people of any age, and a heritage unlike anywhere in the world, this thriving city is certainly a MUST for your to-do list.




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