Streaming Video with Chromecast

February 20, 2017

Watching TV and movies is easier than it has ever been before. In the past, you had to make sure you were in front of a TV set to watch something at the scheduled time. Then you had to remember to set something to record on VHS and then on your cable, satellite or digital box. But today, almost all television and movies can be streamed on demand. What you can’t stream, you can download. Google’s Chromecast devices make it…

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Get Inspired By A Trip To Japan!

February 13, 2017

Choosing a holiday destination around your passions is a brilliant way of making sure you get maximum satisfaction, every moment of your trip.  If you are a lover of romance and the arts then France will be a big draw.  For an adrenalin fuelled winter vacation you will probably head to Austria and get some Apres Ski fun.  If, however, you want to experience a country which surrounds you with modern twists and quirky perks within its music, fashion and…

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Going for The Rugged Look

February 13, 2017

Adopting a rugged style is good in any season, but it looks even better in winter, when the elements combine to harden your face and bring out the ruggedness of your look. Alas – or perhaps, thankfully – it’s not so easy to acquire the rugged look naturally in this day and age, when every whim is catered for at the push of a button or out in our mollycoddled society. So you have to create the look yourself, but…

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