Choosing The Right Gift for Mother’s Day

March 8, 2018

All that I am – or hope to be – I owe to my mother. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have my mum living right here in London, so I’m able to see her often. My mum has always encouraged me to be a better person and chase my dreams, no matter what obstacles life throws in my path. My mum moved to London from Brazil 3 years after I moved here. She has completely settled into London life…

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Mens Grooming

Hair Removal at Pulse Light Clinic

July 30, 2017

Everyone loves confidence. It radiates from within. But if you’re like me, sometimes a little extra grooming can give you that added confidence boost. Today I’m going to share my hair removal with laser experience at the Pulse Light Clinic. If you haven’t guessed by now, my heritage is Italian. With those genes came a little too much hair and soon I started to have more than I wanted growing on my chest, back and neck. Some guys look great…

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Explore Nature and Wildlife in England’s Smallest County

March 20, 2018

The UK has some incredible natural areas and beautiful native wildlife to explore. We might not have lions, tigers or bears, but there are still plenty of interesting flora and fauna. There have even been schemes to introduce animals like the beaver back into the UK after they died out a long time ago. Rutland is one of the places where such a scheme has taken place, being instrumental in the reintroduction of breeding pairs of ospreys. The Rutland countryside…

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Splashing Out On Your Hotel

March 12, 2018

We spend too much time worrying about money. Yes it is important to live within your means, but when it comes time to treat yourself – don’t worry so much. Splashing out a little is great and can have so many benefits if done correctly. Take travelling for example – you can easily visit so many parts of the world for minimal money. Budget airlines and light packing will happily see you to your chosen destination with low expenditure. But…

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